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Porn Has Been Lying To Us About Anal Sex Since Forever TBH

In the list of things porn lies about, anal sex is top of the list.

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In real life, there's a lot of cleaning maintenance that has to go down, whether that's with wet wipes or with a douche.


There's also often a lot of forward thinking. Like, if I have this Big Mac I definitely can't do anal tonight.

In real life, treating an ass like a slam piece can lead to tearing and if you're not used to it, it can bloody well hurt.


Get yourself a partner who understands pace and knows other ways to fuck, not just like a jackhammer.

In real life, the one thing you should understand is that you can ALWAYS say no.


If it doesn't feel right or it doesn't feel good, you should never be scared to let your partner know. Sex is about mutual enjoyment, not one person getting off and the other person getting through.