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29 Things People Wish They Knew About Anal Sex Before Trying It

"Don't remove anal beads as if you're starting a lawnmower."

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish they knew about anal sex before trying it for the first time. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Don't go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Comedy Central / Via

"You need to work up to it. Do NOT go straight to the penis. A tear in your butthole is terrible."

—Anaka Payne, Facebook

2. Slow and steady wins the race.

LOGO / Via

"Be patient with your partner, go slow, be educated."


3. It might totally raise your ~sexpectations~.

Twitter: @MedievalReacts

"I wish I had known that anal sex would increase my expectations for sexual pleasure. I had a partner who made it really enjoyable for both if us."


4. Don't pull anything out too fast.

Buckeye Films / Via

"Best advice related to toys: Don't remove anal beads as if you're starting a lawnmower."

—Sebastian Long, Facebook

5. You can never have too much lube. / Via

"Always more lube. Think that's enough?…. You're WRONG. MORE LUBE."


6. Soap =/= lube.

Twitter: @CrapTaxidermy

"Not to use soap as lube in the shower... I passed out, 1981."

—Alan Brady, Facebook

7. Trust no fart.


"All the lube will make pooping after very interesting. You shouldn't trust a fart for at least 24 hours."


8. You might blow some butt bubbles.

Twitter: @medievai_react

"If he ejaculates into you, it does not come out straight away and you may be blowing butt bubbles for a few hours after!"

—Lee-Marie Brough, Facebook

9. Enjoying (or not enjoying) anal sex doesn't "say" anything about you.

Lifetime / Via

"I wish I'd known that liking it doesn't make you a 'bad girl' or a 'bad person' or less respectable, or anything like that!"

—Crystal WootBoots, Facebook

10. The wrong toy might literally get lost in your ass.

Twitter: @CrapTaxidermy

"Be careful which toys you use. My fiancé put a vibrator in my butt while we were doing vaginal doggy and the vibrator FELL INTO MY BUTT. Like my butt swallowed the vibrator whole. We spent ten minutes trying to pull it out before finally doing it successfully."

—Sydney LeDonne, Facebook

11. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

FOX / Via

"Really it is."


12. Just say no to the burrito.

ESPN / Via



13. Those tingly, warming lubes might tingle TOO much.

Universal Pictures / Via

"I do NOT recommend tingly lube! That stuff on a small tear feels like a fire demon."


14. No matter how much you mentally prepare, your butt still has a mind of its own.


"Even if you love anal, know how to prepare, and do everything you should to be ready for it, your ass will always decide if now is the time to play 'do I have to shit or not?'"

—Rachel Glenn, Facebook

15. Don't hold it in beforehand. Ever.



16. Douching beforehand may not be for everyone.

Samuelbrownng / Getty Images / Via

"Some swear by douching, but I had an 'accidental anal water retention' that led to 'incidental release.' Long story short, I've never douched since."

—B Quanchi, Facebook

17. Maybe don't use white sheets.

18. Numbing lubes are probably not a good idea.

PBS / Via

"First off, my partner went limp because he lost sensation and second off, it's a good idea to know if it hurts…"


19. Bottoms can still direct the whole show.

Logo / Via

"The receiver or bottom should know that they are always in control and most definitely have the ability to shut down like Fort Knox."


20. Don't put whatever was in the B right back into the V.

Instagram: @fuckjerry / Via

"Don't go back to vaginal intercourse after trying anal. You can get [an] infection."


21. You might not like it at all, and that's totally OK.

FOX / Via

"I wish I had known I wouldn't like it, and didn't have to feel guilty about it! Some people just don't like it and never will and no amount of lube in the world will change that, and that's perfectly OK."


22. That quite literally...sometimes shit happens.

23. Condoms can save you from a very messy cleanup.

Instagram: @plannedparenthood / Via

"Condoms make it so much easier, and eliminate the very awkward feeling of shitting jizz afterwards."


24. Severe pain definitely means you should stop.

Instagram: @mourningarts / Via

"Don't rush no matter how in the moment and sexy it is. I made this mistake and ignored all of the pain. I woke up the next day in a pool of dried butt blood. It looked like a murder scene! I recovered, but severe hemorrhoids are no joke."

Christian Patterson

25. Even if you don't have a penis, you can still top like a pro.

"I wish I knew that giving (for me, pegging) is just as fun as receiving. People are too quick to judge something before trying it!"


26. Don't copy the moves in porn as if it's an airplane safety video.

Disney / Via

"Porn makes us think it's so easy/natural to just slide on in and start pounding away. Porn is also edited & the actors are much more experienced than your average couple."


27. Certain parts might feel...familiar.

Columbia Pictures / Via

"I wish I had known that it would feel like pooping back and forth forever. That's what that card in the game Cards Against Humanity means."


28. Mutual consent and respect are key.

Instagram: @franktheskiff / / Via

"I wish I would've known that it's not something to do with someone who can't be loving, if that's what you need. If you're hesitant and he's all for it, I think it's really easy for boundaries to be crossed and for you to end up feeling disrespected or used rather than feeling like it was supposed to be pleasurable for the both of you."


29. Most importantly, that the butt is just really just like any other part of the body.

Andrew Christian / GoodAssDick / Via

"The butt is such a taboo part of the body but why should it be? I'm glad I got over my insecurities and explored this area of my sex life. It brings my partner and myself both extreme pleasure and that's a beautiful thing."


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This post has been updated to reflect that switching directly from anal to vaginal sex can increase the risk of infection in the vagina and urethra. A previous version of this post only mentioned the possibility of yeast infections.

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