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    20 Things You'll Understand If You've Ever Had Anal Sex

    You deserve a medal. All the medals.

    1. Sometimes it hurts. Let's just get that out of the way.

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    You might not have had your back door knocked at for a while. But just remember if it hurts, use more lube or go slower; it's not a race!

    2. Which is why lube is your new best friend.


    You can never have too much. Never.

    3. Sometimes you're not sure if it hurts or if it feels really good.


    It's a confusing paradox.

    4. Porn stars make anal look easy but you know for a fact it isn't.

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    Basically don't think you're doing it wrong because it doesn't look like it does in porn. Porn stars are paid to make it look easy.

    5. In fact anal sex is a lot of fucking effort.

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    Obviously it's worth it in the end, but getting there takes some effort first.

    6. You've probably got your own little anal kit.


    Douche, lube, and all manner of toys. It's like a little goody bag.

    7. Sometimes you think you're ready and then it goes in and there's a sharp intake of breath and you've got to tell the geezer to get it out now.

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    But sometimes it goes in and you're so fucking ready for it. It's like ET phoning home.

    8. You know there's nothing worse than someone who just doesn't know what they're doing with their dick.


    Those people that slam away without a care in the world are the absolute worst. Ban them.

    9. You've had to make the decision of whether you're going to eat something heavy or have a dick in your butt.


    Eating something heavy before having a dick in your butt is only going to end badly.

    10. You've had that heart-stopping moment when they pull out and you're praying to god you haven't left an unwanted present on their bellend.

    Warner Bros

    11. Even if you're an anal pro, you still get worried about having an "accident".


    It happens to the best of people.

    12. After you've had a dick in your butt, your legs feel a bit weak.

    13. But you know it's been totally worth it because the sex was that damn good.


    14. Anal sex gets so good, you start daydreaming about it when you've got nothing better to do.


    15. There are times you're just really in the mood to have a dick in your butt.


    16. But sometimes you can think of nothing worse.

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    I just had a curry, bro, leave me be.

    17. You get pissed off when people don't give you the appropriate credit.


    Having a dick in your ass is hard, pun very much intended; give people who take it in the butt a fucking medal.

    18. You sometimes feel a bit accomplished afterwards.

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    Like, yeah I just took a dick in my butt, go me.

    19. Sometimes the effort of anal sex just isn't worth it.


    20. But then you remember how many times it's felt so good that you just can't help but do it again.


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