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Do You Love Harry Potter As Much As These Superfans?

Celebrating 20 years of Hogwarts.

33 Little Things You May Not Know About J.K. Rowling

From reluctant student to record-breaking author.

7 Essays Every Harry Potter Fan Needs To Read

For those of us who will always call Hogwarts home and Hermione our patronus.

15 Life-Changing Things All Harry Potter Fans Must Do In Scotland

Can you really call yourself a fan if you've never visited Dumbledore's island tomb?

Can The Harry Potter Fandom Survive New Canon?

In finding alternative pasts, presents, and futures for the magical characters that defined a decade, we've been able to heal wounds that new canon might open back up again.

These Emotional Stories Show How Harry Potter Has Changed Lives

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, eight people tell us how the series' magic affected their lives.

Here's What We Wish We Could Say To Our Favourite Harry Potter Characters

"Loving your stories strengthened me when I needed you the most."

18 Incredible Things No One Tells You About Going To Hogwarts

The Room of Requirement has seen some shit...

Esto es todo lo que debes saber si quieres visitar los estudios Warner Bros. de Harry Potter

Muévete Disney, este sí es el lugar más mágico del mundo.

Facebook agregó una reacción especial por el aniversario de Harry Potter y ahora todos son fans

Solo necesitas escribir Harry Potter, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff o Ravenclaw ;)

How Falling In Love With Harry Potter Shaped My Life

Twenty years ago a publisher put a silly-looking book out into the world, and two years later I fell in love with it.

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