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18 Incredible Things No One Tells You About Going To Hogwarts

The Room of Requirement has seen some shit...

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7. Unless you're a Muggle-born, you pretty much don't have to go to primary school.

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I'm unsure how all these wizarding children have enough knowledge to read ancient tomes or do basic maths, but oh well. Magic.

8. If you're lucky enough to find the Room of Requirement, you're set for life.


Need somewhere secret to hang with your boo? Or just want a room filled with a giant ball pit? You name it, it's got it.

9. You can go and talk to any of the portraits, at any time.

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Say you're doing a History of Magic essay on a particular historical wizard. Rather than having to spend hours reading books, you can just go find their portrait on the walls of the castle and chat to them to get all the information you need.

10. The teachers seem A+.

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With the exception of some *cough* Lockhart *cough*, the teachers all seem to be knowledgable AF and really enjoy what they're doing. They're not just in it for the extra school holidays, like most Muggle teachers.

14. You get to just do magic all the time.

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Imagine you're comfy in bed, but you realise you left your book on the table, out of arm's reach. Just "Accio" it, problem solved.

15. There's probably a ton of magic shit to explore.


We know about the passageways hidden behind tapestries, the trick staircases, and the stairs which change according to the days of the week. Imagine how much there is to explore and learn.

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