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18 Incredible Things No One Tells You About Going To Hogwarts

The Room of Requirement has seen some shit...

1. The prefect's bathroom seems pretty damn legit, for those select few.

2. Having a healer on hand 24/7 basically eliminates the need to ever pay for healthcare.

3. Plus, Madam Pomfrey could probably also clear up acne or wonky teeth in a heartbeat.

4. The food.

5. And the free-for-all in the kitchens.

6. Also, those house elves take care of all the cleaning for you.

7. Unless you're a Muggle-born, you pretty much don't have to go to primary school.

8. If you're lucky enough to find the Room of Requirement, you're set for life.

9. You can go and talk to any of the portraits, at any time.

10. The teachers seem A+.

11. A lot of the time, end-of-year exams get cancelled.

12. All those stairs will give you a great booty.

13. The homework essays they're given seem suspiciously short.

14. You get to just do magic all the time.

15. There's probably a ton of magic shit to explore.

16. And there are probably some very interesting magical plants growing in those greenhouses.

17. You get to fly around on a BROOMSTICK.

18. And, of course, you get to live in a giant fuck-off castle with beautiful grounds just waiting to be explored.

H/T to this Reddit thread for the idea!