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DNC 2012

DNC 2012

Liberal Journalist Criticizes MSNBC's Coverage Of The DNC

While appearing on MSNBC, The Nation's Jeremy Scahill strongly criticized cable-news coverage of the DNC regarding Obama's foreign policy record. Scahill was particularly captious about MSNBC itself, whose coverage he compared to watching an "Obama For America meet-up."

The New Obama Gets Past Hope

His convention speech promises a fall campaign on policy as well as character. "The times have changed — and so have I."

Obama Leaves Charlotte With A Strong Hand

A strong position despite a bad economy. “Romney would have to change the basic contours of the race to win,” says Jordan.

Who Is Sandra Fluke?

You might want to use this in the comments section after you see CNN's chryon describing the women's reproductive rights activist.

Hillary Having A Moment With Bill

He speaks, she smiles. During a State Department stop in East Timor, Hillary beams with pride as she watches her husband do his thing last night at the DNC.

Bill Clinton's Biggest Applause Line

The former president ad-libbed a pretty harsh swipe at Paul Ryan during his speech at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton was talking about Ryan's attack on President Obama for cutting money from Medicare, even though Ryan's budget proposal would eliminate the same amount from Medicare, then improvised this zinger.

No Vote And Now No View: DNC Snubs DC Delegates

"It was an insult to [DC] personally that our congresswoman wasn’t invited to speak," top delegate says of speaking snub for Holmes Norton. Worse seats than Guam.

Mitt Romney In 3 Words

I asked 30 DNC delegates from around the country to describe Mitt Romney in 3 words. Here's what they said. Also, add your own in the comments if you'd like.

Obama Has Long Held Campaign Events In The Rain

The Democratic National Convention moved the President's Thursday night nomination speech indoors because of a threat of rain. The President has campaigned in the rain in the past.

Meet Julian Castro

A Democratic star was born on the DNC's opening night.

The VMAs Vs. The DNC

Host Kevin Hart says he's bigger than the President: "How does it feel to outdraw Barack Obama? I do it all the time." The VMAs go head-to-head with the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Unions Bused Occupy Protesters To Charlotte

They support Obama — but paid for buses that brought protesters to both conventions. Labor official says they didn't mean to. "Arrest Barack!"

Obama Supporter Confronts DNC Protesters

A racially charged moment outside the convention. Protesters camped out on a street corner, closer than they ever made it in Tampa.

The 2008 And 2012 DNC Platforms By The Numbers

The 2012 platform often mentions Republicans and Mitt Romney, a change from 2008. More mentions of jobs and the middle class, but also more mentions of Bin Laden and abortion.

Meet The Democrats' Anti-Ryan

Maryland Rep. Van Hollen, the party's top budgeteer, gets a prime time speaking slot to hammer Ryan's budget plan. Democrats want to keep Ryan boxed into the House.

NBC Intern: "I Am Chuck Todd"

This hilarious video, picked up on an online streaming service, shows NBC interns sitting in for a run through while awkwardly discussing Batman. "I am Chuck Todd" has a great chance to be THE catchphrase at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week.

Marion Barry Arrives At Democratic Convention, Slams Republicans

“He’ll always be mayor. He’s Mayor for Life,” one convention goer exclaims of DC's former mayor. “The Republicans offer no hope, no direction that’s particularly helpful to us, particularly African Americans,” says Barry.

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