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DNC 2012

DNC 2012

While appearing on MSNBC, The Nation's Jeremy Scahill strongly criticized cable-news coverage of the DNC regarding Obama's foreign policy record. Scahill was particularly captious about MSNBC itself, whose coverage he compared to watching an "Obama For America meet-up."

Politicians, media figures and celebrities in their natural habitat...a political convention. I shot some candid (ie, terrible) photos of the famous and the powerful at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Obama has almost twice as many mentions as Romney. Romney beat One Direction; Lil Wayne beat Biden.

Democrats affixed stuffed animal donkeys and Obama bobbleheads to their hats at the convention.

Democrat convention-goers answer the question: Everyone from the Nun on the Bus to Tulsi Gabbard.

An emphasis on the path forward. Lukewarm reception to his speech from pundits doesn't make the headlines.

"Those waiting to be born..." In closing benediction at the Democratic National Convention, New York's top Catholic chides Democrats.

Republicans ready to pounce.

His convention speech promises a fall campaign on policy as well as character. "The times have changed — and so have I."

A strong position despite a bad economy. “Romney would have to change the basic contours of the race to win,” says Jordan.

And this is just from his DNC speech.

The newly-converted Republican slams his DNC mirror image on . "I don't know the guy, but..."

The actress takes to Twitter to weigh in on Obama's DNC speech. Say what now?

The video that preceded the president at the Democratic National Convention.

Not from the Onion News Network.

The former presidential candidate and Senator asks the crowd if Osama Bin Laden is doing better than four years ago.

Dave Grohl and company played "My Hero" and "Walk" for a bunch of rowdy Democrats.

In one of the most touching moments in recent convention history, the former Congresswomen from Arizona lead the Democratic convention in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Vice President wiped away tears as his son Beau, the Attorney General of Delaware officially place his name for nomination as Vice President at the Democratic convention.

A zinger from his speech in Charlotte.

Frank throws out the prepared text and delivers a brutal assault on the Republican nominee.

Says he needs more time to get the country back on track. Makingthe election a referendum on important policy questions.

The Congressman implies that Mitt Romney would take America back to pre-Civil Rights era policies in his speech to the Democratic convention.

What are Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian doing at a political convention?

Hundreds line up outside the convention center.

The former president sees shades of 1996, but selling an improvement is difficult politics. "That was him. That was President Clinton talking," says Messina.

The former Republican turned independent former Governor will speak in support of Barack Obama at the DNC.

You might want to use this in the comments section after you see CNN's chryon describing the women's reproductive rights activist.

Just how Obama wanted it to.

Delegate group-sex and Republicans seeking Democrats. "How about a little bipartisanship, ladies?"

An itinerary for the president's most effective supporter.

Beyoncé's music can summarize two different policy points!

Barbara Mikulski needs a keylock.

Clinton took care of the past.

Bria and Chrissy, who bill themselves as the Lesbian Duo, sure do know how to steal the spotlight away from anti-abortion and anti-gay protesters. Here they are stopping traffic and riling street preachers in front of the convention center in Charlotte.

The typically careful governor of New York gives a rare partisan address to delegates. Now everyone thinks he's running for president.

The Congressman told MSNBC's Alex Wagner that it is now up to Obama to "explain his vision" to the country with a big speech tonight at the DNC.

He speaks, she smiles. During a State Department stop in East Timor, Hillary beams with pride as she watches her husband do his thing last night at the DNC.

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