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Democrats: Romney Made Money "Without A Moral Compass"

Last night was about Swiss banking. Tonight it's all Bain.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Democratic National Convention will feature a sharp critique of Mitt Romney's business experience Wednesday night from former employees of Bain Capital-owned companies.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney is a bad man," Randy Johnson, a former employee of Ampad will say according to excerpts released by the Obama campaign. "I don’t fault him for the fact that some companies win and some companies lose. That’s a fact of life. What I fault him for is making money without a moral compass. I fault him for putting profits ahead of working people like me. But that’s just Romney economics."

Cindy Hewitt, an employee of the Bain-owned Dade Behring, will reframe Romney's experience as one of shutting businesses and laying off employees.

“So, when Mitt Romney talks about his business experience, remember: it’s not experience creating good-paying jobs. It is experience cutting jobs. It is experience shutting plants. It is experience making millions by making life tougher for hard-working Americans.”

Republicans devoted a substantial portion of their convention last week to defending Romney on Bain in anticipation of just this response from Democrats, who have sought to define Romney by the least appealing elements of his business career.

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