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DNC 2012

DNC 2012

Things Could Have Gone Better For Arizona

Barry Goldwater's granddaughter didn't give her best performance at the roll call of the states nominating President Obama.

President Clinton Hugs President Obama

A surprise walk-on by the current POTUS following the speech of the former POTUS leads to a hug out.

Eva Longoria Petting Jessica Alba At The DNC

Easily the hottest moment at this year's Democratic National Convention.

Fab Or Drab At The Democratic National Convention

All of the fabbest and drabbest looks of the DNC! Check 'em out.

Benita Veliz Becomes First Undocumented Immigrant To Address A Party Convention

The DREAM Act advocate spoke briefly at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night in support of President Obama's policies to allow some young illegal immigrants who would have been eligible for the DREAM Act to stay in the US.

Hundreds Of Delegates, Journalists Locked Out Of Democratic Convention

Democrats apparently distribute more credentials than people can fit inside. Fire marshal temporarily shuts down access to the Time Warner Center.

Democrats: Romney Made Money "Without A Moral Compass"

Last night was about Swiss banking. Tonight it's all Bain.

DNC Chair On Why God/Jerusalem Were Overlooked: The Platform Is Many Pages Long

On CNN, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that God and Jerusalem were left out of the DNC platform because the platform was "many pages long."

No Vote And Now No View: DNC Snubs DC Delegates

"It was an insult to [DC] personally that our congresswoman wasn’t invited to speak," top delegate says of speaking snub for Holmes Norton. Worse seats than Guam.

Obama: Country Is "Absolutely Better Off" Than It Was When He Was Sworn In

He answers the question many Democrats have been evading.

Congressman Goes Rogue, Tells Obama To "Hope On"

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who brought you the "sugar-coated satan sandwich" abandons his prepared speech to deliver a fiery call to action.

At The Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama Is Winning

It’s Michelle’s world, and we’re just living in it. On day two of the convention, FLOTUS addresses blacks, Hispanics, and gays.

DNC Photograph Was Super Awkward

Okay, nobody move or blink.

Ticket Holders Left In The Dark About Convention Venue Change

Some found out on Twitter, others still didn't know this afternoon "I could organize this thing better than some of these people did."

Chaos As Democrats Try To Put Jerusalem, God Back In Platform

Three votes and boos as convention chairman LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pushes through platform amendment after criticism.

Will.I.Am Solves Unemployment Crisis In 3 Easy Steps

Will.I.Am, noted economist and auteur behind "My Humps," took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention and fixed the economy.

Mitt Romney In 3 Words

I asked 30 DNC delegates from around the country to describe Mitt Romney in 3 words. Here's what they said. Also, add your own in the comments if you'd like.

Austan Goolsbee's Mom, Texas Delegate

The outspoken economist's parent represents deep-red Abilene." Prairie Dog Democrats.

Obama Has Long Held Campaign Events In The Rain

The Democratic National Convention moved the President's Thursday night nomination speech indoors because of a threat of rain. The President has campaigned in the rain in the past.

Michelle Obama's Democratic Convention Speech By The Numbers

It took 26 minutes, garnered 28,000 tweets per minute, and included 29 mentions of Barack.

Massachusetts Republicans Bracket Elizabeth Warren In Cherokee, NC

Warren's big speech to the DNC prompts a visit and video response.

Virginia Congressman Says He's Not Afraid Of Artur Davis

Connolly jabs "cranky malcontents of a certain complexion." Davis: "Democrats are really struggling with their word choices."

Rain Will Keep 65,000 Ticketholders From Obama

Venue change short-changes Obama supporters. They'll get a conference call with Obama tomorrow.

Democrats Run A Convention On Two Tracks

Rallying the base and appealing to the center. A switch when primetime hits.

Michelle Obama: The Anti-Fashion Fashion Plate

Despite the unfailing adoration she receives from the fashion industry, Michelle Obama's style remains surprisingly relatable, likable, and not weird.

Deval Patrick: I Will Not Stand By And Let President Obama Be Bullied Out Of Office

The Massachusetts Governor gave a fiery speech at the DNC in defense of the President.

Turns Out Julian Castro Isn't Related To Fidel Castro

Easy misunderstanding. You know, because there's no one else with that last name.

President Obama Watches Michelle Obama's Speech With His Daughters

The President took in his wife's address to the DNC with his two daughters.

Meet Julian Castro

A Democratic star was born on the DNC's opening night.

The VMAs Vs. The DNC

Host Kevin Hart says he's bigger than the President: "How does it feel to outdraw Barack Obama? I do it all the time." The VMAs go head-to-head with the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Ted Strickland Uses Bible Verse To Attack Mitt Romney For Offshore Investments

The former Governor of Ohio uses a verse from Matthew to hit Mitt Romney for keeping some of his money in offshore bank accounts.

DNC Star Julian Castro's "Twin-Gate" Switcheroo

The Parent Trap-style mini-scandal helped sink Castro's 2005 campaign for mayor. Are we sure it's not Joaquin out there tonight?

The Most Animated Speaker At The DNC

She's fired up and ready to go!

Here's The Ted Kennedy Tribute That Was The Talk Of The Democratic Convention

A celebration of a departed party icon, and a knock on Mitt Romney.

Unions Bused Occupy Protesters To Charlotte

They support Obama — but paid for buses that brought protesters to both conventions. Labor official says they didn't mean to. "Arrest Barack!"

Mormons For Obama Launch Their Own "Missionary Effort"

Harry Reid rallies a minority with in a minority. "I wish Mitt Romney would stop talking about his religion!"

Cory Booker: “It Isn't Class Warfare, It's Patriotism”

The Newark mayor hits back at the Republican argument on taxes.

"Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To"

A provocative line in a DNC video. UPDATE: Obama campaign disclaims.

Robert Gibbs Eastwooding

The former Obama Press Secretary demands that this chair GET OFF HIS LAWN.

Obama Supporter Confronts DNC Protesters

A racially charged moment outside the convention. Protesters camped out on a street corner, closer than they ever made it in Tampa.

The 2008 And 2012 DNC Platforms By The Numbers

The 2012 platform often mentions Republicans and Mitt Romney, a change from 2008. More mentions of jobs and the middle class, but also more mentions of Bin Laden and abortion.

Sebelius Pitches Medicare Fight To Women

"This is about women's health. They're coming after us."

Another Democrat Compares Republicans To Nazis

After California Democratic chair gets a "pre-scheduled root canal," a Kansas delegate goes there. "It's like Hitler said."

Former Sen. Chris Dodd Calls Ron Paul Plan For Internet Freedom "Dangerous"

Movie lobbyist calls Paul's Internet plan "dangerous."

"Stop Kony" Makes DNC Platform

The video was a powerful call for what turned out to be a complex and controversial policy. The first sentence of the Democratic Party's platform entry on Africa suggests it's the most important mission on the continent.

Elizabeth Warren Was "Speechless" At Eastwood's Speech

"Like much of America." Also: "Ted Kennedy changed my life."

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