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65 Students Of Colour Share Their Experiences Of Life At Oxford University

Inspired by the powerful "I, too, am Harvard" campaign from earlier this month, Oxford's students of colour explain the struggles they face on a daily basis. For more visit the "I, too, am Oxford" website.

The Complete Harry Potter Series In Comic Book Form

Lucy Knisley is back once again with the final installment in her "Harry Potter Parody Comic" series, and just in time for the final movie. Enjoy these succinct yet cute depictions.

Awesome Game Of Thrones Map

Want a breakdown on the world of Game of Thones, Westeros? A guy with the nickname Other in Law created this epic map with all of the lands accounted for as well as a bunch of Easter Eggs for fans of the show and the books. Embiggen (via The Uniblog)

SVK: An Ultraviolet Comic Book

Writer Warren Ellis and artist D'Israeli have teamed up to create an experimental ultraviolet comic called SVK. It's a detective story Ellis describes as "Franz Kafka's Bourne Identity," but it's meant to be experienced in a unique way -- the comic comes packaged with a UV torch that reveals dialogue published in invisible ink. If you want it, it's available via mail order only. (From Berg, via and Boing Boing)

Creepier Versions Of The Mario Bad Guys

Mike Puncekar has been working on these darker and scarier Mario baddies with wonderful results. They kind of remind me of what would happen if you slammed Silent Hill and the Mario franchise into one big monstery gob of awesome. (via The Uniblog)

Kim Hyun's Dice Figures

Kim Hyun takes casts of her subjects and then transforms those casts into sculptures using hundreds of dice. They are pretty geeky considering she uses role playing game style dice to round out her creations. (via The Uniblog)

Rihanna's 10 Best Twitter Comebacks

Rihanna is one of the few popstars in complete control of her Twitter. She's also one of the only popstars that talks back to her haters. She's a bad bitch.

Bizarre Golf Rap

The U.S. Open Golf Tournament begins Thursday. These four golf pros should stick to their day jobs.

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