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    38 First Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Boyfriend-Approved

    From headphones and speakers to PJs and a totally out-of-this-world snow globe, we're here to take off any pressure of that first V-Day gift for your new BF.

    1. A simple corduroy button down, which is too essential to not already be in their wardrobe. It's made of a dreamy blend of mid-wale corduroy and cotton, so it's all softness and no starchiness.

    Model wearing a black corduroy button down

    2. A novelty gift box for the person who wants to spark conversation and make Valentine's day even more special this year. It's chock-full of fun topics that will set you down a path of never-ending chit-chat and laughter.

    The novelty gift box in pink and red

    3. A Staub cast-iron Dutch oven so the two of you can make homemade meals together. It's an item everyone should have in their kitchen and they'll appreciate its durability.

    The Staub dutch oven in turquoise

    4. A Carhartt beanie that'll keep them stylishly warm for the rest of the cold weather. Fair warning: gifting them one of these may start them down the slippery slope of becoming a Carhartt connoisseur.

    5. A Mars dust globe for your favorite space nerd. Not only will they appreciate how cool it looks, they'll love the attention to detail and accurate topography.

    6. A pair of classic lined crocs for someone that values comfort overall. If your boyfriend is always in the comfiest clothes possible, they may just need some slippers to pair with all those outfits.

    The classic lined crocs in navy/ charcoal

    7. A five-piece spice gift set so the chef in your life can practice their culinary skills maybe even by making you dinner. It comes with five unique flavors that you can't find at just any grocery store so they definitely won't have it in their pantry already.

    The five piece spice set in smoked flavors

    8. An electric kettle that any tea-obsessed BF would appreciate. Just because you can't live without your morning coffee doesn't mean they can't!

    Reviewer's image of tea kettle turned on emitting a blue light

    9. A Levi's sherpa lined trucker jacket so you can keep them warm no matter your proximity! Your Valentine will love this classic style, and the fact that they'll have a new go-to piece in their closet.

    Model wearing Levi's sherpa lined denim trucker jacket

    10. A 12-pack of JuneShine hard kombucha that is sure to satisfy the kombucha enthusiast who appreciates a ~specialty something~ to imbibe. This gift is for those 21 and older, but we promise it's worth the wait!

    The four cans of included hard kombucha

    11. A cocktail smoker for a Valentine that likes their *adult beverages* smokey, oaky, but not pokey (you know, with literal pieces of wood sticking out of their drinks). This way, they can get the smoke without the poke!

    Cocktail smoker kit in use

    12. A stainless steel chain necklace because some things never go out of style, and this will be something your Valentine will cherish for years to come.

    Model wearing stainless steel chain necklace

    13. A game for couples looking to spark interesting conversation and get to know each other better, this may just be the best gift you could give (or receive)!

    The ultimate game for couples box

    14. A match striker because if your boyfriend appreciates fine ceramics as well as gifts from small businesses, you've struck gold. This is a simple gift that literally anyone could use to spruce up their coffee or bedside tables.

    The match striker in white and beige

    15. A scratch-resistant and waterproof Bose Bluetooth speaker that is sure to become a favorite aspect of the home. It's super sleek and it has Bluetooth capability so it won't be an eyesore and you'll be able to turn it on without getting up from the couch.

    The Bose bluetooth speaker in orange

    16. A yoga mat for the S.O. who is always doing stretches and following along to YouTube yoga. It's a great way to show interest in your partner's hobbies and if you get one for yourself you'll have a fun activity to do together!

    The yoga mat in blue

    17. A Ralph Lauren robe because it's never a bad time to give the gift of comfort. Whether it's for Valentine's day or just for being a good partner, a robe is a gift of care and intimacy that they'll be sure to note.

    The Ralph Lauren robe in white

    18. A ceramic tumbler so you can give your loved one (or maybe just liked one) a nice vehicle for this favorite beverages. Plus, it's made by a small business so you can feel good gifting it.

    The ceramic tumbler with black dolka dots

    19. A bottle of balsamic vinegar so they can enjoy the finer things. It's made of high quality balsamic and created with California blackberries, so they'll know it's the good stuff.

    The bottle of balsamic vinegar

    20. An avocado seed planter because if they like gifts from small businesses, you'll know they're a keeper. It's a fun interactive present that he'll be able to watch grow, which is always a treat!

    Avacado plant growing in a clear planter filled with water

    21. An Areaware terra-cotta stacking planter designed to properly drain plants and enable them to keep on growin'. It's the ideal Valentine's Day gift for your plant-parent BF.

    Person stacking the planter

    22. A domino set because whether they're a gamer or not, everyone can appreciate the classics. It's made of high-quality materials and is a fun and entertaining gift they can keep on their shelf for years to come.

    Set of dominos with the tiles spread out and stacked

    23. A Barefoot Dreams blanket so you can snuggle up together all year round. It's made of incredibly soft material and is a perfect addition to any couch, bed, or chair in the house.

    A stack of multiple blankets

    24. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey because it's the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, just like your BF. Plus, it'll completely revolutionize pizza night at their place.

    Person pouring Mike's Hot Honey on pizza

    25. A custom photo puzzle for the sentimental types. If you know your boyfriend is more interested in a handwritten card than the gift itself, this may just be the perfect present.

    The custom photo puzzle

    26. An indoor herb garden for your wonderful chef of a boyfriend. They'll truly cherish being able to grow fresh herbs all year long, especially in February (*shivering at the thought*).

    Reviewer photo of their indoor herb garden

    27. A can cooler featuring the novels of Stephen King because the king of horror is can be ~chilling~ in more ways than one.

    Stephen King can cooler with a can in it on a beach

    28. A Diptyque candle for those who appreciate a little aromatherapy. These candles are famous for their inimitable scents plus they burn at a slow rate so you'll be able to enjoy them longer than you'd imagine.

    The Diptyque candle in Tubéreuse

    29. A set of Bala Bangles so they can work out anywhere. These are great for adding a few extra pounds to increase heart rate when you're on a run and since they're a fairly new favorite on the internet, there's a good chance they don't already have something similar.

    30. A set of bath salts because they probably wouldn't buy them for themself. It takes a lot for some folks to give themselves the self-care they need so why not cut the time in half and give them something they'll definitely appreciate?

    Clear bottle of pink bath salts with white cap

    31. A backpack equipped with all of the bells and whistles to make it something your partner won't want to leave the house without: tons of storage, waterproof fabric, and a USB charging port.

    Reviewer photo of the navy blue backpack

    32. A pair of flannel pajamas because your BF values a good night's sleep. They'll be so stylishly cozy they won't want to change out of these PJ's in the morning!

    model wearing blue and green plaid pajamas

    33. A retro personalized gamer pint glass that's so thoughtful, they might not drink out of anything else ever again. Say hello to your new role as the best gift-giver in their life!

    Three personalized gamer pint glasses

    34. A Valentine's Day card to add a simple and spicy touch to their gift that's sure to make them laugh.

    Card that reads "happy valentine's day, hot stuff" with a sriracha bottle illustration

    35. A pair of Chelsea boots that'll add a bit of sophistication to their look (no hate to their favorite pair of beat-up sneaks, just mild dislike).

    Brown leather Chelsea boots

    36. A roll-on cologne aromatherapy gift set to give them four unique fragrances you'll gladly (and subtly) sneak many whiffs of.

    Mini box filled with four mini aromatherapy colognes

    37. An insulated water bottle with their favorite team's logo because if there's one thing they're more passionate about than their romantic relationship, it's *that* football team.

    Model holding blue water bottle with NY Giants logo

    38. And a copy of The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition to give you two 50 creative date ideas. From pie-making to blindfold painting, this book will make the second year of your relationship even more memorable!

    Cover of the book

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