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    20 Of The Best Tea Kettles And Teapots Of 2022

    If you "fancy a spot" then you're going to need a top pot.

    1. A BPA-free Cosori electric tea kettle made from borosilicate glass which resists scratching and scuffing and keeps plastics away from any boiling water.

    Water boiling in a clear electric kettle with black handle and metallic base

    2. A Susteas stove-top, whistling tea kettle constructed from surgical stainless steel that goes for an old-timey, dare we say, almost steam-punk feel, while it steams up some hot water!

    Black matte tea kettle with brass-colored spout, lid, and handle

    3. A HadinEEon electric kettle with a blue LED indicator light to notify you when your water's boiling. It also aims to boil water in at least six minutes, so you won't be kept waiting long for a late-night cup of tea.

    4. A hand-crafted, borosilicate glass stove top-safe glass teapot with removable infuser (for loose or blooming teas) that also happens to be microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

    A glass tea kettle with a silver metal top pouring tea into a glass

    5. A portable, stainless-steel AmazonBasics electric hot water kettle with an automatic shut-off function and a wrap-around cord for compact storage so you can keep things simple, safe, and uncluttered around the kitchen.

    A glass electric kettle with a black handle and measurements on the side plastic window

    6. A dishwasher-safe, borosilicate glass stove top whistling tea kettle (clearly stated right on the front) so you can get that "at-the-diner vibe" without ever having to leave home (or leave a tip).

    A glass tea kettle with a black handle that was the words "Whistling Kettle" printed on its base

    7. A Pykal whistling tea kettle constructed with five layers of stainless steel, aluminum, and iron and an "iCool" handle that can be touched mere seconds after your water finishes boiling. Also comes with two infusers.

    A shiny metallic tea kettle with a black handle sitting on a stovetop

    8. An energy efficient Mueller premium electric kettle so you can save time, money (on electricity and/or gas) while killing "almost all of bacteria and pathogens living" in your non-filtered water (so your tea tastes better).

    Model's hand pouring tea kettle with black base and lid

    9. A Toptier Japanese cast iron teapot with stainless steel infuser for separating tea leaves from the water. Easy to clean too, no need for detergent, just wash with water.

    Reviewer's split image of light green cast iron tea pot

    10. A surgical-grade stainless-steel, whistling tea kettle with an infuser (for loose leaf teas) for those looking for an easy-to-clean mirror finish that's also rust-, corrosion-, dent-, and scratch-resistant and brews a serious cuppa.

    A reviewer's photo of a shiny metallic tea kettle sitting atop an electric range

    11. A Hamilton Beach Hamilton electric tea kettle that's all about safety with its auto shut-off function that helps keep the kettle from boiling dry, a stay-cool handle, a water-level window, a push-button lid to prevent any spilled tea (Don't worry Kermit, we're referring to the liquid kind).

    A bright red electric teak kettle with a black base and handle and a plastic measuring window

    12. A stainless steel Belanko whistling tea kettle just as concerned with safety (thanks to its silicone-coated insulated handle and super-loud, can't miss it whistle) as it is with style (check out that exterior induction diamond design).

    Two royal blue kettles with induction diamond designs and wood-colored handles

    13. A stainless-steel interior and BPA-free plastic exterior Meison electric tea kettle with a "cool-touch" exterior and boil-dry protection to make pouring and cleaning it as safe and easy as possible. Auto shut-off too.

    A teal electric tea kettle with top open and white accents at the base and handle

    14. A KitchenAid kettle, because sometimes you want to give a vibrant pop of color to your kitchen (lots of options of choose from). Constructed with a "C" handle for a comfortable grip and a thumb-press sprout for safe pouring.

    An apple green teak kettle with a black handle and silver accents and top sitting on a stovetop

    15. A stainless-steel Cuisinart electric tea kettle with preset heat settings for getting just the right temps for your preferred types of tea (green, white, oolong, herbal, black, as well as French press). A "keep warm" setting will do just that to your water for 30 minutes!

    A metallic electric tea kettle with temperature buttons and measurements illuminated in blue light

    16. A half-moon teapot you can remove the diffuser from for an easier transition to coffee. It also comes with a stainless steel filter for a simpler clean-up — and as a bonus, it's dishwasher safe too.

    Half glass and half blue teapot next to glass teacup filled with tea

    17. A stainless steel tea kettle speckled with white dots that remind us of a starry night for an ~out-of-this-world~ cup of tea. The stainless steel material is also rust and corrosion resistant for a longer-lasting design.

    Gray and white speckled tea kettle with gold accents on stovetop

    18. A Brewista electric kettle sporting a gooseneck spout to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen counters and personalization features, including precise temperature control using the LCD panel to make your beverages the exact temp you want every time.

    Black matte electric tea kettle on top of black panel with digital display of functions and temperature

    19. A bright and cheery Ovente electric kettle that's BPA-free, cordless, and downright adorable, especially if your kitchen is lacking a pop of color. To make matters safer, it has an automatic shut-off feature and even comes with a removable, easy-to-clean filter. Did I mention it's under $20, too?

    Capacity: 7 cups

    Promising review: "I'd give this 10 stars if I could! It's absolutely the prettiest shade of pink I've ever seen (it's bubblegum pink). It works great, shuts off on it's own and it takes only a couple of minutes to boil a full 1.7 liters of water! This will fill about half a rubbermaid pitcher. The outside never gets even close to warm so it's safe no matter where you grab it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this for making ice tea and hot tea too!" –Mel From STL

    Get it from Amazon for $14.75+ (available in five colors). 

    20. The Corvo EKG Electric Kettle by Fellow, a sleek and splurge-worthy appliance ready to elevate your daily tea or coffee ritual. Among some of the many features at your disposal include temperature control, 1200 watts for quick heating, and a stainless steel body, so your cuppa will come out – dare I say "perfect?" – every time!

    person reaching for the matte black and wood-handled electric kettle

    Capacity: 3+ cups

    Promising review: "I love this kettle! Everything about it just feels right, and it looks great on my counter too. I don't need a pour-over spout for my preferred french press, and the Corvo spout is perfect for that and other general uses." –Michele M.

    Get it from Fellow for $159 (available in two styles). 

    Now go enjoy a nice hot cuppa and please, don't forget, pinkies out (always).

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