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    Here Are 28 Gifts That Go Really Well With A Cup Of Tea

    Don't know what to get the tea lovers in your life besides, well, tea? Look no further.

    1. There's nothing quite like a smooth, melting milk chocolate bar to go with your afternoon cup of tea.

    2. This fruit cake is made with succulent, rich black cherries and French brandy.

    3. If they're on a no/low sugar kick, this lovely hamper includes cookies, wafers, muesli bars, sweets, and jam.

    4. This gift set features fruity shortbread and sweet preserves in super cute packaging.

    5. This bamboo serving tray set can be used for many things, but it's pretty perfect for tea!

    6. These cute paper cups are the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves to host afternoon tea parties.

    7. Gift a box of Ferrero Rocher – you can't go wrong with these classic milk chocolate, crunchy hazelnut, and crispy wafer treats.

    8. This letterbox gift hamper is full of treats for your foodie friend like pizza breadsticks, dry roast peanuts, chocolate bars, and more!

    9. These fruit jellies are made with real fruit and a delicious light dusting of sugar.

    10. These "bring tea" socks are perfect for all the mums who are tea lovers in your life.

    11. This Christmas treat hamper includes biscuits, an iced loaf, milk chocolate pastilles, and more!

    12. This personalised relaxation gift set is great for the ultimate night in (so it goes well with a cup of tea, of course).

    13. This cosy towelling robe is so comfortable, it's basically like giving the gift of self care.

    14. This hand-stamped vintage teaspoon is the perfect keepsake gift for a partner or friend who loves tea.

    15. How beautiful is this handmade enamel glass mug? If anyone I know wants to buy this for me, I won't object.

    16. This Belgian chocolate fudge is deliciously creamy, with a mouth-watering crumbly-yet-soft texture.

    17. These smooth Galaxy Minstrels go down oh so well with a cup of tea.

    18. This marmalade trio gift set comes with fine-cut, medium-cut, and thick-cut options for a delicious treat.

    19. This cheeseboard letterbox gift contains a variety of tasty cheeses, relish, and crackers.

    20. These mini shortbread biscuits have a hint of Sicilian lemon and are handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland!

    21. This confectionery gift tin has a variety of toasted almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts covered with chocolate and a crisp sugar shell.

    22. This pomegranate rose candle has a smooth, luxurious scent that will set the scene for a relaxing teatime.

    23. This three minute tea timer can help anyone make the perfect cup of tea.

    24. You could also give this ceramic mug that has a handy colour matching guide.

    25. This calming aromatherapy mist has a blend of essential oils that helps to create a relaxing atmosphere before they wind down with their cuppa.

    26. This two-tiered serving stand is made with natural slate and brass-coloured steel to help create a super glamorous afternoon tea presentation.

    27. What goes better with a cup of tea during the festive season than Christmas tea biscuits? These have been made with Christmas black tea and soothing Christmas spices.

    28. This tea time biscuits barrel includes delicious salted caramel biscuits and classic Demerara shortbread rounds.