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    57 Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys

    Treat your guy right this February 14th with some fun and thoughtful gifts, from original artwork to hamburger socks.

    1. A beard conditioning oil made from Maracuja Oil and Shea Butter to keep beards shiny, soft, and feeling/smelling their best with just a few drops massaged from root to ends.

    Black and green bottle of beard oil

    2. Or for someone who prefers a clean shave, a bottle of Harry's Men's shave gel so his skin will be protected during his shave and restored after.

    Model sprays some of the shave gel from a green and white bottle

    3. A personalized gamer pint glass with a retro design because they're the most lovable nerd you know.

    Three personalized gamer pint glasses

    4. A personalized wallet that'll let him store his money in style. The letters are laser-engraved, which means they'll never rub off, and the wallets are made with high-quality leather.

    Reviewer's photo of their brown wallet with black lettering

    5. A six-pack of vegan, craft beer-scented soaps with foamy brews that include Eucalyptus Brown, Angeles Forest IPA, Golden State Hefe, Hops & Barley Scrub, Coastal Sage Lager, Citrus & Spruce Saison. Pairs nicely with a shower beer!

    Six-pack of multi-colored soaps

    6. A Doggo-Jedi digital portrait for the guy who'd rather enjoy a vacation on the forest moon of Endor. You can personalize the design by adding any pet, and since it's an instant download, you don't have to wait for shipping.

    Portrait of a brown and white dog in a brown Jedi robe with a blue lightsaber

    7. A hand-crafted Tequila decanter set with Agave decanter and six agave shot glasses for an artful touch to any bar that can be paired with scotch, whiskey, port and more.

    Tequila decanter and shot glass set with glass colorful agave plants inside

    8. A Levi's sherpa-lined denim trucker jacket so they can stay comfortable without sacrificing style. The lining adds some extra warmth, and you can wear it open or button it closed.

    Model wearing denim sherpa lined jacket

    9. A hand-poured, natural soy wax blend Homesick candle for your valentine who's pining for the place they grew up. Homesick speaks to anywhere between 30 to 100 people and visits local areas to collect samples and even extract scents from food for each candle type.

    Model lights the Texas candle in front of a green wall

    10. A 3-in-1 charging stand to keep their phone, pods, and watch fully-charged and to keep those three very things from getting lost all the time.

    Black three in one charging station with white AirPods, black iPhone and black Apple watch

    11. A Gift Republic movie bucket list poster for the movie buff looking to actually scratch 100 iconic films off their viewing list!

    Movie scratch off poster with silver covers on top of colorful posters

    12. A fill-in-the-blank book to remind him of all the things you love about him. It's filled with simple prompts that'll offer a personal touch.

    Reviewer's photo of them holding the black book with white and gold lettering

    13. A stainless-steel Cuisinart sauce pot and basting brush set so they can coat their favorite cut of meat evenly. The basting brush is integrated into the lid so it won't fall in the sauce.

    Stainless steel set with black brush and lettering

    14. A Wahl deep tissue massager for days when they need maximum relief. It comes with four head attachments, two speeds, and two vibration settings to get the specific massage they want.

    Blue and white massager

    15. A copy of the best-selling Wild at Heart by John Eldredge that'll encourage them to grow and understand themselves better. It'll challenge them and maybe even transform your relationship.

    Black and gold cover of Wild at Heart

    16. A pack of 101 conversation starters for your next dinner date. They're a perfect way to have fun and get to know your (maybe not-so-talkative) partner better.

    Red and white pack of conversation starter cards with blue lid

    17. A Love-KANKEI shadow box frame with linen cloth and pins so they can display their favorite photos or memorabilia.

    Shadowbox in Carbonized Black  displaying blue and yellow memorabilia

    18. A Baja Beef Jerky sampler pack to make your romance a whole lot tastier. This gluten-free and all-natural pack includes spicy and fruity flavors.

    Sample pack of Baja Jerky with the yellow, orange, green and blue bags in clockwise order

    19. A Radiate portable campfire infused with all-natural oil to keep them warm wherever they wander (for at least three to five hours). It's easy to light, has no smoky smell, and they can use the lid to snuff the flame.

    Models sit around a portable campfire

    20. A mini cork globe for the guy who never stays in one place. It's small enough to fit in the tiniest of apartments and it'll go with any home décor.

    Reviewer photo of the cork globe with pins it in

    21. A Hanes long sleeve Henley because they could always use a new shirt. Made with durable, beefy-tee fabric, it's also soft.

    Model wears Henley in Ebony

    22. A pair of rechargeable, battery-powered, and waterproof heated snow gloves so their hands will stay nice and warm. (Note: gloves do not actually light up like you're about to blast a ray of energy from your hand).

    Black heated snow gloves

    23. A Matein travel laptop backpack to take with them on their next adventure. It's durable and even has a USB Charging port.

    Brown backpack with black details

    24. A Hanes cozy fleece bathrobe that'll keep them cozy on the coldest of mornings. This soft-touch robe comes with adjustable belt loops and two pockets.

    Model wears a the gray robe

    25. Two pairs of high-quality combed cotton socks that look like a hamburger and will make them think they came straight from a food truck.

    The burger socks made to look like a burger with yellow, green, red and brown fabric colors

    26. A set of four handmade map coasters to remind them of the Big Apple. The elaborate and vintage-looking coasters will keep their favorite place nearby.

    Brown Manhattan coasters sit beside a white cup of coffee

    27. A Royal Craft cutting board made from all-natural, bacteria-resistant bamboo that won't endure excessive wear and tear from cutlery. And this way, they can have their veggies and chop them too.

    Model uses the bamboo cutting board to cut strawberries

    28. Some fur-trimmed Tipi suede moccasins to offer barefoot-style comfort and still keep their feet warm. The best part is you'll be supporting an indigenous-owned company.

    Brown tipi moccasins with white and brown beads and brown fur

    29. A CocaCola AirPod case for the guy who loves fizzy drinks. It'll protect against bumps and scratches to keep their earbuds safe and give them a little flair too.

    Model holds the red and white CocaCola AirPods case

    30. A pour over coffee maker to take his morning cup o' Joe from drab to fab. It's a super chic addition to any kitchen, and will surely impress all of your guests the next time you decide to host a couples brunch.

    Reviewer photo of their pour over coffee maker filled with hot coffee

    31. A bag of Coach Soak: Muscle Recovery for a healing bath. The natural magnesium, essential oils and dead sea salt will sooth joints and muscles and help him get back on his feet.

    Reviewer's photo of the citrus bath soak bag with white salt inside and black and orange details on the bag

    32. A copy of The Essential Bar Book for Home Mixologists that'll cover everything they need to become a master mixologist with 70 classic and creative recipes, bartender hacks and fun facts.

    The aqua cover of the bar book with black letter and colorful pinks, aqua and orange drinks

    33. An oversized canvas duffel bag for the gym, the next vacation or the next guy's weekend (whenever that might be). The durable canvas has top quality leather trim, and it's got enough room for clothes and traveling necessities.

    Gray duffel bag with brown leather and strap

    34. A pair of reviewer-favorite noise-cancelling headphones that they'll love for jamming, working, or gaming. These bad boys are bluetooth and have a lengthy listening lifespan. *Swoon*.

    Blue noise-cancelling headphones

    35. A Champion powerblend fleece pullover hoodie to reduce pilling and shrinkage. It's got wider ribbed cuffs and a hand-warming front pouch pocket.

    Model wears a black hoodie sweatshirt with gray sweatpants

    36. Or a "Stolen Hoodie" scented candle because there's no shot you're going to return the actual hoodie (or hoodies) you've stolen from them in the past, so you might as well make up for it somehow!

    a candle with a label that says "stolen hoodie good luck getting this back from me"

    37. A simple, classic-design, great-for-any-occasion or everyday wear BUREI analog watch with an adjustable mesh band (gotta keep those wrists comfy).

    Model wears a black BUREI watch

    38. A flannel button-down to keep your Valentine stylishly warm during those chilly months.

    Model wearing beige flannel

    39. A Tommy Hilfiger baseball cap so they can keep the sun off their face while looking both polished and casual.

    Amazon reviewer's photo of wearing their navy blue cap

    40. A pair of Wrangler big and tall jeans to give them durability and comfort in one. They're versatile, and are great for all kinds of events.

    Model wears jeans in dark stonewash with a black and white stripe tee and brown shoes

    41. A dinosaur keychain/bottle opener because you're not supposed to play with food, but no one said anything about bottle caps.

    Model opens a bottle with a green Triceratops

    42. A stainless-steel can cooler and insulator to keep their cans or bottles temperate for up to 4.5 hours while keeping the outside completely dry. It's also stylish, durable, and scuff-proof, just like they are!

    Can coolers in gray, black and green

    43. A MOSISO water-repellent laptop case for a stylish and durable protective layer. The foam padding helps with shock absorption and the minimalist design is easy to work with.

    Reviewer's photo of their silver iMac laptop beside the gray laptop case

    44. A microwavable bacon grill so they can fix four to six strips of bacon easily. It lets the fat drip off and the vented cover prevents grease splatter.

    White bacon grill with lid covering six strips of pink bacon

    45. A wooden Ferfil foldable wine rack to hold ten of their favorite wine bottles.

    Brown wood foldable wine rack displaying black bottles with dark red caps

    46. A handmade wooden chess set for a clever guy that loves the classic game and appreciates beautiful craftsmanship.

    47. A Hamilton Beach illuminated glass kettle with a gentle blue light. It'll boil water quickly for their favorite cup of tea, and it automatically shuts off after water is boiling.

    Glass kettle with blue light, stainless steel base and black handle sits beside yellow lemons, tan cookies and amber honey

    48. A 3-in-1 car cell holder so they don't have to hold their phone while driving. It can be mounted on the windshield or clipped to the air vent or dashboard.

    The three different ways you can use the black cell phone holder

    49. A Tranquility weighted blanket filled with small glass beads to gently distribute pressure across the body and help them get the rest they need.

    Gray weighted blanket on a white bed

    50. A hot sauce making kit because they love to push themselves higher and higher up the Scoville scale. Plus, it'll keep things ~spicy~ in your relationship.

    Hot sauce making kit

    51. A set of long distance relationship rings to prove that you two can be Valentines across oceans and mountains.

    mountain and wave ring on two hands