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    42 Personalized Gifts That’ll Make Them Think, “Wow, They Get Me”

    "He's a bit of me" —every girl on Love Island and your pal when they see their personalized gift.

    1. A pair of socks with their pet's face on it so instead of having to whip their phone out to show someone just how cute their pup is, they can simply just pull up their pant leg!

    Or you could get them socks with their own face all over it. They'll still show them to everyone.

    Promising review: "I bought the socks for a Christmas gift for my 7 year old! She absolutely loves her socks! The quality of the socks and image where great! Would recommend them to anyone." —Geraldine M.

    Shipping info: Orders typically ship in 2–3 days.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.95 (available in 39 styles).

    2. A customizable long distance mug with a little heart line between two states to show how you and your bestie are still connected even then you're "MIIIIIILESSSSS APAAAAAART" (yes, this is a High School Musical 3 article now).

    Two hearts printed on different states on a mug that have a dotted line connected them

    Cupology is a small business that specializes in personalizable mug gifts. To customize, tap the "Customize & Add To Cart" button, where you'll find options for the states, cities, and countries, as well as personalizable color schemes *and* the option to put a custom quote. 

    Promising review: "I bought this for my Auntie for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It is beautiful! I liked that I could write my own quote instead of choosing from overused phrases. I can hardly wait for her to open it! I'm planning on ordering another one for my father in law who moved away." —Jessilu

    Shipping info: Orders typically ship in 3–8 days.

    Get it from Amazon for $15.95+ (available in many customizable options and two sizes). 

    3. A copy of The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions — gift it to your grandma and make time to sit down with her and help her fill it out over a period of time. She'll love getting the chance to spend more time with you *and* you'll get to learn all about her most treasured memories.

    The cover of
    Hachette Books

    This book is a kind of DIY memoir — it goes through three phases of "Early," "Middle," and "Later" years, and has 201 different prompts based on your memories, experiences, and views on the world. Prompts include things like what you would have switched careers to midway through if given the chance, or a present you got from your parents that sticks in your memory, or who you think the funniest person in your family is. This also makes for a lovely gift for family members, so you can all preserve each other's memories!

    Get it from Amazon for $11.29 or from Bookshop (to support local bookstores) for $15.81 (originally $17).

    4. A personalized towel, so they can ~express themselves~ through the power of words even when they're napping in the sun.

    buzzfeed editor and her friend each showing off their personalized beach towels
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    The year I got married my best friend surprised me with this towel — complete with my semi-ridiculous wedding hashtag on it. I can also confirm it's BIG and extremely soft. It's hands down my favorite towel... I loved it so much I returned the favor and got her one when it was her turn to walk down the aisle!

    Shipping info: Orders ship in 1–2 days.

    Get it from Personalization Mail for $23.99 (originally $49.99).

    5. pavé initial beaded bracelet that'll look fabulous in the stack they've already curated — you can totally get their initial but also the initial of anyone else that's meaningful in their life

    Gold-plated initial necklace with the letter A
    Model wearing four pavé initial necklaces

    I actually just bought this for one of my friend's for her birthday, and she looooves it! I purchased myself a similar one with a Disney twist to it. ✨

    Shipping info: Orders placed through 11/30 have guaranteed delivery by 12/21. UPS Ground, UPS two-day, and UPS Overnight shipping are available for an additional charge.

    Get it from BaubleBar for $28 (available in 24 letters).

    6. An engraved decanter and glasses set for your pal who loves whiskey but would also appreciate putting these out on display as decor. It even all comes beautifully stored in a custom box.

    Froolu is a small business! This set comes with a premium decanter, four scotch glasses, four natural slate coasters, and eight stainless steel stones.

    Promising review: "This was the perfect gift for my husband. He was gushing over the craftsmanship and the quality. The packaging was great, well protected, and shipped in less time then originally quoted." —QueenOfQueens

    Shipping info: Orders typically ship in 2–6 days.

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    7. An engraved keychain to go along with the car you're surprising them with!!! Just kidding, but it will help them *hopefully* keep better track of their keys.

    Seven leather keychains with various name engravings

    Northwind is a small business!

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with this! I’ve tried all sorts of mechanisms to hold my keys, and this one makes it so easy to access my keys, and it’s so attractive! My keys are easily accessible without being bulky at all." —Kasey Mok

    Shipping info: Orders typically ship in 7–8 days.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in various customizations).

    8. A fill-in-the-blank book they'll love forever and ever — you'll have to take some time to fill it out, but that should be no problem at all if you're gifting it to someone you love. Perhaps grab a box of tissues for both of you...

    Product shot of Why You're My Bestie book

    Note that filling this out is a bit easier if you look at all the questions beforehand.

    Promising review: "Absolutely loved this. It took a little bit of time to fill it out, but it was fun reflecting back on the years. My friend absolutely loved it and said she'd treasure it always. I love how despite its small size, the pages are thick, and it seems like it will last for the rest of her life and maybe beyond." —Lily

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    9. A monogram mug from Anthropologie they've likely had their eye on for quite some time — this one is darling and they'll be thrilled to sip out of it every morning.

    tiled bistro styled monogram mugs
    a tiled H mug
    Anthropologie, Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I got this mug as a gift last year and love it! It's quickly become one of my faves and I love that my husband can't try to claim it for *his* morning coffee...hehehe. 

    Promising review: "I have had this mug for years! Easy gift idea and the packaging looks like a gift in itself! I cant recommend enough!" —OliveASpie

    Shipping info: Standard shipping is 4–8 business days, but Express and Overnight shipping is available for an additional fee.

    Get it from Anthropologie for $14 (available in 23 styles). 

    10. A delicate initial necklace for anyone who prefers simple jewelry they can wear every day. Get their initial, their partner's, their little one's, or allllll of the above!

    a model wearing a thin chain with a gold heart on it with an 'a' inside
    a pile of gold heart charms with initials engraved into each one

    Promising review: "The best necklace I’ve ever had!!! It’s the perfect size and length, so dainty! I was worried about the gold fading (because it’s so wonderfully affordable) but it hasn’t — not even a little bit!!! I’ve worn it every single day for about a month now, even accidentally wore it in a pool for a little bit but nothing happened and it’s never been damaged! Has become such a staple for me and my everyday outfit, don’t feel complete without it anymore. Would highly recommend and will be buying another if this one ever breaks!!" —Brittany Burrahm

    Shipping info: Available on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

    Get it from Amazon for $12.59 (clip the coupon on the product page to save 10%; available in 26 letters and 2 styles)