The 29 Most Creative NFL Celebrations Of 2013

The only rule: Dance like everyone’s watching you.

29. Thomas DeCoud

You can tell he practiced this one.

ID: 2084468

28. Cam Newton

Starring in Superman: The Quest For TDs. (Yeah, that’s a Superman IV joke.)

ID: 2084107

27. E.J. Manuel

Simple, effective.

ID: 2172541

26. James Laurinaitis

Only when you sack Superman (a.k.a. Cam Newton) can you mock his signature move.

ID: 2083221

25. Knowshon Moreno

Rock, paper, TOUCHDOWN. (Moreno wins.)

ID: 2082470

24. Jimmy Graham

When a slam dunk becomes a seismic event.

ID: 2087637

23. Knowshon Moreno

I don’t know, but I’ve been told / A first down for Moreno.

ID: 2082624

22. Mike Tolbert

Please, Mike. Not in front of the kids.

ID: 2082908

21. T.Y. Hilton

Thank you, T.Y.

ID: 2085459

20. Joseph Fauria

Did this dance have to end? Sadly, yes.

ID: 2082964

19. Nickell Robey

Heads-up football, though not as Roger Goodell intended.

ID: 2083205

18. J.J. Watt

Would Dikembe Mutombo have made a good lineman?

ID: 2087893

17. Nick Hayden

Starting the car, maybe? No idea what this is.

ID: 2083486

16. Calvin Johnson

Jason Miller / Getty / Via

To see this in motion would’ve probably melted your brain. Best to keep it to still photography.

ID: 2083274

15. Philip Rivers

Like, who is he even talking to?

ID: 2084154

14. Mike Glennon

Just pure, goofy joy.

ID: 2083481

13. Chris Long

On Veterans Day, you salute the troops. True fact.

ID: 2084026

12. Matthew Stafford

It just gets weirder (and better) the more you watch.

ID: 2083308

11. Lance Moore

He could’ve done this for hours had no one intervened.

ID: 2083458

10. Muhammad Wilkerson

Someone’s thinking of Hawaii and the Pro Bowl.

ID: 2083487

9. Steve Smith


  • possibly lunch — could be a soup/half-sandwich combo.
ID: 2083517

8. Brian Robison

Hook, line, and GOT ‘EM.

ID: 2083537

7. Tavon Austin

Best TerRio dance of the season, bar none.

ID: 2083663

6. Philip Rivers

The best part is when he gets to the sideline and has absolutely no idea what to do next. It’s mad and glorious.

ID: 2084112

5. Andre Brown & Brandon Jacobs

When an immovable object meets a misguided celebratory force.

ID: 2083679

4. Brandon Mebane


ID: 2084040

3. Joseph Fauria

Night fever, night fever / Fauria know how to do it!

ID: 2084087

2. Ricky Jean-Francois

This would be No. 1, except that the Colts were down 21 points when Jean-Francois practically acted out a seizure to celebrate this sack. Still, points for pure, flailing-limbed poetry.

ID: 2084158

1. David Wilson

We never saw it coming. We never saw it again. (He later left this game with a neck injury.) All hail David Wilson, who back-to-back-flipped his way into our hearts.

ID: 2082865

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