The Best GIFs Of NFL Week 15: Don’t Call It A Comeback

Also featuring one of the hardest hits of the season, Troy Aikman at spin class and a cotton candy photobomb.

1. Dez Bryant Throws a Hissy Fit

ID: 2149951

2. Vernon Davis Fights Wall. The Wall Remains Undefeated.

Easily one of the hardest hits of the 2013 NFL season.

ID: 2150031

3. Jamaal Charles Wants All the Touchdowns

Charles scored five TDs in the Chiefs’ 56-31 rout of the Raiders.

ID: 2149990

4. FitzMagic Lives!

The FitzMagic was short-lived as the Cardinals beat the Titans by a field goal in overtime.

ID: 2149922

5. Our Lady of Sunday Surprises, Pray for Us

It seems her prayers were answered as the Dolphins beat the Patriots 24-20.

ID: 2150038

6. Russell Wilson Is a Part-Time Magician

ID: 2150004

7. Fox Cameraman Makes Russell Wilson NSFW.

ID: 2149991

8. Sheldon Richardson Can Do Whatever He Wants

The Jets’ rookie defensive phenom rushed for this 1-yard TD to momentarily make the game vs. the Panthers momentarily interesting.

ID: 2150025

9. Frightened Nerd Referee Forced to Break Up Fight

ID: 2149907

10. Say Good Night, Case Keenum

ID: 2150042

11. Gronkowski Hoo(manawanui)?

ID: 2150027

12. You Can’t Stop Alshon Jeffery, You Can Only Hope to Fail Trying to Contain Him

ID: 2150028

13. Sad Jets Fan Is Sad

ID: 2149936

14. The 49ers Cannot Be Fooled

ID: 2150030

15. E.J. Manuel Is an Excellent Dancer

And the Bills actually won a football game 27-20 against the Jaguars.

ID: 2150034

16. RG3 Says a Bad Word

ID: 2150040

17. Kyle Orton’s Hair for MVP

ID: 2149937

18. Drew Brees Throws into Triple Coverage

The Saints were stomped out by the Rams 27-16.

ID: 2150011

19. Peace to the Giants’ Slim Playoff Hopes.

The Seahawks came to New Jersey and Eli Manning gave them five interceptions for Christmas.

ID: 2150039

20. DeSean Jackson Lives to Make Defenders Look Dumb

ID: 2150035

21. Troy Aikman Goes to Spin Class

ID: 2150022

22. Cotton Candy Photobomb

ID: 2150037

23. Jordy Nelson Does His Randy Moss Impression

ID: 2150172

24. Dez Bryant Is Not Human

ID: 2149961

25. Jason Garrett Is Excited

ID: 2150014

26. Jason Garrett Is No Longer Excited

ID: 2149911

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