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Police Misconduct

A Newly Discovered Report Suggests A Chicago Cop Suppressed Evidence

Retired Chicago police detective Reynaldo Guevara has been accused of framing more than 50 people for murder. Now, a man who said Guevara framed him for a 1991 murder when he was a teenager is trying to clear his name and pointing to the suppressed report.

A Series Of Videos Showing Officer Misconduct Have Put A Georgia Police Department Under Review

In the latest bodycam video, Roswell police officers left a 13-year-old boy in a freezing car to “get a little chilly” and start telling them what they want to know.

The Black Woman Who Was Thrown To The Ground By Police In A Viral Video Was Found Guilty Of Disorderly Conduct

Chikesia Clemons, 25, posted on Twitter that her attorney was appealing the decision.

Another Guevara Defendant's Murder Case Was Tossed

Robert Bouto, convicted of a 1993 murder, is the ninth defendant to see his murder charges dismissed since a BuzzFeed News investigation into retired detective Reynaldo Guevara’s alleged misconduct. Also on Monday, another exonerated Guevara defendant filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Chicago.

The NYPD Is Arguing, Once Again, That Punishments For Police Misconduct Must Remain Secret

For decades the outcomes of the NYPD’s disciplinary hearings for officers accused of misconduct were made public. But lawyers for the NYPD argued in court Wednesday that that was a mistake and state law forces them to keep the information secret.

Two More Guevara Defendants See Their Charges Dismissed

Cook County prosecutors have dropped all charges against two men who say they were beaten into confessing to a double murder. Detective Reynaldo Guevara was the subject of a BuzzFeed News investigation that found he is accused of framing at least 51 people for murders they say they did not commit.

The Justice Department Is Now Neglecting Police Departments It Agreed To Help

"It's frustrating also that this has probably happened to other departments across the country," said a spokesperson for the St. Louis County Police Department.

University Of Maryland Investigating Police Using Pepper Spray At Graduation Party

The school is reviewing footage from a party on Saturday that showed officers pepper spraying students, some of whom have accused the officers of targeting them based on race.

Florida Police Officer Fired For Repeatedly Hitting A Handcuffed Woman

A video shows Officer Akinyemi Borisade, 26, striking a woman who attempted to kick him while she was handcuffed. He was charged with simple battery. Warning: Graphic video.

Video Shows Baltimore Officer Telling 13-Year-Old Shooting Victim's Brother That His Replica Gun Looked "100% Real"

In the widely-viewed video, a police major appears to be explaining to the brother of the 13-year-old who was shot by police why officers mistook his BB gun for a real firearm.

First Freddie Gray Case Ends In Mistrial

After three days of deliberations, the Baltimore jury was unable to reach a verdict in the first trial of a police officer associated with the death of Freddie Gray. U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings said he has been informed prosecutors will attempt a retrial.

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