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    Styles P Goes Viral After Footage Of Him Trying To Protect A Black Woman From Cops Sets The Internet Ablaze

    Styles P is forever GOATed for this.

    Note: This article contains mention and video of a police interaction currently under investigation, which may be hard for some to view.

    The over-policing of Black neighborhoods is an epidemic the nation has been struggling with since before I was a thought in my parent's minds.

    Legendary rapper, Styles P, from LOX and Bad Boy fame, has obviously had MORE than enough. The 47-year-old veteran lyricist and businessman was recently filmed standing up for a Black woman being arrested by police in Yonkers, NY.

    Styles P performing on stage

    In the video, which was released on July 12 and has since gone viral, you can hear a woman (who is filming) yelling at police as she runs toward two officers who are forcing another woman to the ground during an arrest.

    a man with his arms up blocking police

    Styles P tries to calm the woman being arrested, saying "Sista relax" and "loosen up" before he directs his anger towards the police. Standing inches away, Styles begins to yell, "You a hoe dawg... yous a whole bitch!"

    Styles P places his hand on a woman and tries to calm her as police arrest her

    After cursing at the police for a few second, Styles P is backed up by one of the officers. But he doesn't stop yelling, in fact, he doubles down.

    Styles P yells at a cop

    "You scared, too!" says Styles to the cop. "You slammed a girl for no reason, she's on the floor! And you standing over there with your hand on your gun the whole time... You a bitch... You had your hand on your gun for a female he slammed on the floor! Whole bitch! You scared... you not from around here... and you scared of Black people!"

    Later, as more police showed up at the scene, Styles can be seen speaking with the other cops about the situation. 

    You can watch the whole video below:

    And here is another angle:

    View this video on YouTube

    Since the footage has gone viral, the Yonkers Police have reportedly released this statement:

    a person holds a New York Police badge

    The statement continues on to say:

    A New York cop has his hand on his gun in a crowded intersection

    However, after the statement was released, many Black people online expressed their outrage over the situation and support for Styles P.

    Styles P was NOT playin with that cop. I pray that young lady is ok and in good spirits. I’m glad he stepped in. Glad everyone is alive. Salute and respect to em frfr.

    Twitter: @StagBeChillin

    @stylesp A True Definition Of A Real One On All Levels

    Twitter: @Grap3939

    Salute and much respect to Styles P. Most people would walk away from police who are abusing their authority. He stood tall to help protect a black woman from cops who obviously don't know how to deescalate a situation. Salute ✊🏾💜

    Twitter: @SineCera13

    Styles P is a Real Man for standing up for that sista against the police. This is the most "gangsta" thing you could ever do: be of service to another when injustice is in front of you 💪

    Twitter: @Rakabash

    The respect I have for Styles P has never wavered. Today, it went through the roof

    Twitter: @SlackSupremacy

    Leave your thoughts and comments about Styles P and the Yonkers Police involved in this situation below!