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Sophie Hall 2 years ago

23 Things All '00s Teens Did In Manchester

Sit in Urbis until we all turned 18.

Sophie Hall 3 years ago

56 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up In Bolton

The Venga Bus taxi, Peter Kay, and chips and gravy.

Sophie Hall 4 years ago

19 Problems That Every Theme Hospital Player Will Understand

Still trying to beat this sucker since 1997.

Sophie Hall 4 years ago

11 Famous Artists Who Got Movie Fan Art Horribly Wrong

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, except when it's not.

Sophie Hall 4 years ago

20 Terrible Things To Come Across When You're Drunk

Being inebriated beyond measure is all fun and games. Then someone puts something shiny in front of you and all hell breaks loose.

Sophie Hall 4 years ago

The Ultimate Indie Film Drinking Game

Is Juno/Garden State/something like that on TV? Why not drink along with the feel-good indie movie of choice by necking a spirit every time one of these tropes pops up...

Sophie Hall 5 years ago

A Day In The Life Of Waiting For Emails

You're a hip young working professional in a digital-savvy world. Now, if only someone would reply to your emails.

Sophie Hall 5 years ago
Sophie Hall 5 years ago

17 Hilariously Terrible Movie Titles

Except for Sharknado, which we're still confused about.

Sophie Hall 5 years ago

Why 90s TV Show Promotional Stills Were So Much More Fun

God, these modern TV shows you get these days. All those people sitting on chairs, looking directly at the camera, with emotive half-lights, eh? What this country is coming to I'll never know. I remember the 90s, where people used to be fun. TV characters didn't just look broodingly into the distance, they crouched down. They drank milkshakes.

Sophie Hall 5 years ago

An Analysis Into Every Single Suspicious Glance In The Final 5 Minutes Of Game Of Thrones' Purple Wedding

Hello. If you've clicked this, you have shown no mercy. Joffrey is DEAD. Sorry spoiler. For those who haven't read the books - we now have the joy of our first proper murder mystery. (As let's face it, none of the other deaths have exactly been subtle) As such, we should only celebrate with an intense look at the last final 5 minutes and speculate whodunnit. So many suspicious glances...

Sophie Hall 5 years ago

Why Scarlett Johansson Has Entered The Johannassaince

With new avant-garde sci-fi choices, and her own Marvel character, Scarlett Johansson has moved into her very own Johannassaince. REJOICE.

Sophie Hall 5 years ago

8 Pixar Movie Moments That Make Us Cry Like Little Girls

It's an instant knee jerk reaction, we've seen it 42,000 times, before AND post-puberty, yet still those little buggers at Pixar have been the puppet masters of our heart strings for over a decade now. Here are the key moments that make us cry very long rivers of sadness.

Sophie Hall 5 years ago

14 Movie Gangs We Wish We Were In

You know when you're watching a movie and you want to climb into your TV like that enthusiastic lass from The Ring? Yes, of course you do. Well it's usually because the people in the movie just seem so awesome.

Sophie Hall 6 years ago