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11 Fantastic Classic Movie One-Liners

Hasta la vista, baby.

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1. "It's just been revoked."

Warner Bros.

From Lethal Weapon 2, Danny Glover has had it up to here with that pesky South African apartheid government lauding it over him and Mel with their "diplomatic immunity" for the entirety of the film, so he shoots them at the end anyway. YAY! What lawsuits?

2. "Cy-" "-anora."

Touchstone Pictures

From Con Air, John Malkovich plays Cyrus the Virus aboard our favorite airplane of convicted criminals ever. When someone pleads for mercy, screaming Cyrus' name in vain, Cyrus isn't having any of it and cuts him off with tremendous punning skills, and then a few moments later. Huge explosions too!

3. "Say hello to my little friend."

Universal Pictures

From Scarface, Al Pacino cunningly fools a pack of unsuspecting mobsters that he's introducing them to a vertically challenged little buddy. Sadly, no miniature cocktail party ensues, as he was actually talking about a very big gun. This one is dead famous.

4. "I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator the blood bank."

Lee Rich Productions

From Hard to Kill, for a second we thought Steven Seagal wanted to simply set up a joint bank account with Senator Trent. Sadly, he did not mean that type of bank.


5. "Hasta la vista, baby."

TriStar Pictures

A classic never dies, except if you're at the receiving end of this belter, of course. In Terminator 2, the new, more laid-back colloquial Arnie tests out his sassy Spanish to winning effect. Sure, it's still killing, but in a fun, exotic sort of way.

6. "Consider that a divorce."

TriStar Pictures

More pre-murdering zingers from Arnie. In Total Recall, Sharon Stone betrays Arnie, and wails, "But we're married". Instead of faffing about with paperwork, Arnie uses a gun instead of a signature to prove a point.


9. "One, two, ten!"

Warner Bros.

Our favourite fictional gangster who's even more fictional than regular fictional gangsters is Johnny from Home Alone's fake movie Angels With Filthy Souls. Here he is doing the best counting ever. That'll serve, Snakes.

10. "Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?"

Malpaso Productions

Alright, technicality. Dirty Harry fired six bullets, not five. So the "punk" in question actually gets away. But we couldn't leave him out, could we?

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