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The Ultimate Indie Film Drinking Game

Is Juno/Garden State/something like that on TV? Why not drink along with the feel-good indie movie of choice by necking a spirit every time one of these tropes pops up...

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One introductory shot if its in black and white

Pine District Pictures / Via

Have a toast to cool fonts if the title of your film looks a bit like this.

Fox Searchlight / Via

The first one to spot Maggie Gyllenhaal gets to drink someone else's drink of their choosing.

Flower Films / Via

Two fingers if a man with a beard and a checkered shirt turns up

Magnolia Pictures / Via

A tequilla shot if someone in the film travels by bicycle

Fox Searchlight Pictures / MTV films / Via

Down your drink if a character recommends a song to another.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via


Have a hearty glug when a manic pixie dream girl pops up.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

Make your drink a double if there is ANY KIND of road trip.

Focus Features / Via

Have two fingers if absolutely anyone in the slightest way references Woody Allen

IFC Films / Via

Have a swig if you see an ideal Instagram moment.

IFC films/Film 4 / Via

Drink continuously if a character just stops and stares for a while.

FilmDistrict / Via

And finally, down your drink if there's a 'moment on a beach'.

Film 4 / Via

CHEERS INDIE FILMS, you get us good and sentimental and drunk.

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