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    23 Things All '00s Teens Did In Manchester

    Sit in Urbis until we all turned 18.

    1. Heading down to the Arndale to splash your £30 EMA like you were the Monopoly Man.

    "To Superdrug, everybody!'

    2. And going straight to Lush because someone needed to buy a present for their aunt or something.

    Flickr: bruchez / Creative Commons

    "One sec, I just need to buy this lump of gold rock that is actually soap."

    3. Going to "the big HMV" or Virgin Megastore and spending hours staring at CDs you never bought.

    4. Or Vinyl Exchange & Piccadilly Records if you were a bona fide music expert.

    Flickr: marcwathieu / Creative Commons

    Smiths B-Sides all round!

    5. Going to random in-store band events at Fopp and getting excited because the bassist had been a guest on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

    6. Stopping by the food court for a gourmet knees up at Spud U Like or getting a Pizza Hut for one.

    Flickr: raver_mikey / Creative Commons

    And getting devastated because the really long escalator never worked.

    7. If it was Christmas, getting slightly scared of the sinister, light-up Santa at the Christmas Market.

    Merry Chri…OH GOD NO.

    8. Trying to make it out of the other side of the massive Primark like you were on the way to Mordor.

    9. And, of course, going for a slap-up Harvester before going to the cinema in the Printworks.

    "One day, we'll grow up and go to Tiger Tiger"

    10. But if you were more avant-garde you'd go to the Cornerhouse and take in an arthouse film that nobody had ever heard of.

    Flickr: 79042256@N05 / Creative Commons

    "Two for whatever Pedro Almodóvar film is currently out, please."

    11. Going for the inevitable splurge at Boots but then being mesmerised by the dancing man who used to dance outside with no music.

    What did it mean?

    12. Always walking along these things.

    13. Remembering when the Corn Exchange used to be called The Triangle and you didn't really get what it was.

    14. Getting down to business and going to Afflecks Palace to perfect your signature look.

    15. This involved buying shag bands, badges, some-sort-of-fishnet-something, dice necklaces, and anything else that could fully portray your incredibly unique and reckless teenage personality.

    16. And laughing at the condom shop "Rubber Plantation" because lol condoms.

    found a shop callled 'the rubber plantation' in manchester... 'for all your latex needs'...

    But never going inside under any costs.

    17. Moving on from Afflecks because you'd discovered Ryan Vintage in the Northern Quarter and you were a grown up now.

    18. Or there was Retro Rehab, Cow, the big Oxfam, or Pop Boutique.

    19. Sitting in Urbis for about 20,000 hours.

    Flickr: 121958154@N04 / Creative Commons

    But never actually going to any exhibitions

    20. And getting annoyed when it turned into a football museum.

    21. Trying to guess what the people queuing up outside the MEN Arena were going to see based on what they were wearing.

    "She's wearing parachute pants, so therefore is going to see Busted."

    22. Never, ever going on the "Wheel of Manchester" at any cost.

    Because why?

    23. And always missing your train home and having to wait an hour for the next one.

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