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11 Famous Artists Who Got Movie Fan Art Horribly Wrong

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, except when it's not.

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1. Home Alone — Edvard Munch

20th Century Fox / Creative Commons

Here's Edvard Munch's famous 1893 painting of Kevin putting on aftershave in Home Alone. It seems OK at first, but then you compare them and...well...

2. Basic Instinct — Salvador Dalí

TriStar Pictures / Creative Commons

Dalí's version of Sharon Stone's saucy leg crossing scene is a lovely homage, but Dalí, dear, we don't think you're quite there yet.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — Henri Matisse

Paramount Pictures / Creative Commons

We all love Gene Wilder's classic look as Willy Wonka. But WTF is this Matisse?!? It's like he's never even seen the movie.

4. Tron — Kazimir Malevich

Buena Vista Distribution / Creative Commons

OK, so Tron's 1982 special effects are never going to be as good as Avatar's, but come on, Malevich! The Russian art theoretician's homage to the film just looks like a bunch of squares! SMDH.


6. Garfield: The Movie — Pablo Picasso

20th Century Fox / Public Domain

He's one of the most famous cats of all time, and yet if his picture weren't right next to everyone's favorite lasagne-loving kitty, you'd have no idea what Picasso had scribbled down.

8. Marley and Me — Leonardo da Vinci

Twentieth Century Fox / Creative Commons

For being one of the greatest polymaths in history, Leonardo da Vinci sure got this drawing of Jennifer Aniston dead wrong. 1.) Aniston had bangs. Jeez. 2.) Er, that's not a dog, Leonardo...


9. Titanic — Édouard Manet

20th Century Fox / Creative Commons

Manet being French, you'd think he'd be more than capable of drawing Kate Winslet like one of his French girls. But back to back, we think Manet should leave the painting to Leo in the future!

10. Spring Breakers — Sandro Botticelli

Muse Productions / Creative Commons

Sure, Spring Breakers was a pretty risqué film, but we just don't feel Botticelli captured the raw party atmosphere of the opening scene. Also, there were no flying babies in the movie. Nice one, Sandro.

11. E.T. — Michelangelo

Universal Pictures / Creative Commons

OMG, we love this scene in E.T. so much. However, we think Michelangelo got this one a bit wrong. More like, E.T. phone home for a better artist, amirite?

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