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    Updated on Feb 23, 2019. Posted on Feb 19, 2019

    The 50 Most WTF British TV Moments

    Here are all the moments I have loved, oh so very much.

    1. When The One Show did the greatest segue ever.

    BBC / The One Show

    2. When This Morning asked the important question: "Why are chickens shooting me in my dreams?"

    ITV / This Morning / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

    3. When Vicky said this on Geordie Shore.


    4. And when Andrew said this on Bake Off.

    BBC / Love Productions

    5. When Giles from Gogglebox watched this clip of Ollie Locke on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls and had this comment.

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert

    6. When Mat on Bake Off said that he was making a gin and tonic madeira cake and Mary Berry was like this.

    Studio Lambert / BBC One

    7. Her love of alcohol is deeply relatable.


    8. When a contestant on Come Dine With Me didn’t handle not winning that well at all.

    Come Dine with Me / Channel 4

    9. When viewers noticed that Huw Edwards does the same pose at the start of every News at Ten bulletin.

    Seriously, he's like this all the time.

    Twitter: @HuwsAtTen

    So much so, there's even a Twitter account documenting it.

    When we reported it, Huw came back with this tease.

    @BuzzFeedUK @HuwsAtTen @scottygb It's almost worth changing... you'll just have to watch to find out...

    And at 10pm... OH MY GOD.

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @HuwsAtTen

    He returned to the original pose the following night.

    10. When Ainsley Harriott surprised a pensioner called Jill with a frying pan on This Morning when she was clearly overwhelmed at appearing on television.

    This Morning


    11. When Eurovision had the best lyrics of all.

    BBC / EBU


    BBC / EBU

    I love Eurovision.

    BBC / EBU

    Here is my favourite lyric of all time.

    BEST LYRIC OF THE NIGHT #Eurovision #Italy cc @yplac

    I love parking inattentively.

    12. And when Eurovision did a spoof of Eurovision Song Contest songs that was so good it was actually better than most of the entries that year.

    BBC / EBU

    God, I love Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede.

    13. When ITV decided, for two consecutive years, to broadcast a two-and-a-half hour show ranking breeds of dog...


    ...resulting in Ben Fogle congratulating some labradors, who obviously do not understand the word "congratulations" because they are dogs.


    14. When This Morning did this segment.

    15. When Jon Snow interviewed Jon Snow.

    16. When the presenter of BBC Newsnight, Evan Davis, asked the BBC to come on to a BBC show to talk about BBC pay but the BBC declined.

    BBC Newsnight

    17. When BBC News came up with this A+ caption.

    BBC News

    18. And when they had their best ever guest.

    BBC News

    I love you, Bounce.

    19. When Prince Charles gobbled to some turkeys during a BBC One documentary, and then the turkeys gobbled back.

    oh my goodness it is even better with sound

    He chuckled.

    20. And when Oscar was positioned in such a way on the BBC News sofa that it looked as though he was reading the news.

    BBC News

    21. When BBC Newsround, on April Fools' Day, pretended to launch a news show that was hosted by dogs.

    BBC Newsround

    They should do this.

    22. When This Morning decided to cut up a banana to work out the gender of the Royal Baby.

    ...and then, um.

    23. When a contestant on Big Brother decided to show off what they were wearing and errrrrrrrm.

    How can this just happen on live tv 😭

    24. When This Morning featured a dog with a facial expression that made me go, "same."

    ITV / This Morning


    25. When Danny Dyer found out that he was related to royalty.

    Wall to Wall Media / BBC

    26. When BBC's Olympic coverage in Rio was invaded by a hen party, so the presenter Dan Walker decided to interview the bride, who then did a "call me" sign at the camera.

    BBC / Olympics

    “I want to say something for my husband,” Maria said. Dan Walker replied: “A message for your husband? I hope he’s watching BBC Four.”

    27. When BBC Breakfast's Mike Bushell decided that it would be a great idea to interview some swimming champions in a swimming pool, but then didn't see a step.

    BBC Breakfast

    28. When a contributor on BBC World News was interrupted by members of his family.

    BBC World News

    29. When this old answer on The Weakest Link that was so bad it was hilarious went viral.

    how have I only just seen this? one of the greatest TV clips of all time

    Here is the full moment if you didn't click on the video.

    BBC / Weakest Link

    30. Still, could have been worse.

    Here is the full moment in case you missed the video.

    ITV / The Chase

    31. When Linda Barker apologised for some of the designs that took place on Changing Rooms in the '90s.


    32. Never forget.


    33. When ITV News broke this important news story.

    34. When this word came up on Countdown.

    ITV Studios

    35. When Mr Blobby decided to tackle Brexit.

    36. When Mel Brooks was a guest on The One Show and had absolutely no fucking idea what was going on.

    BBC / The One Show

    37. And when Loose Women asked P**** M***** this.

    38. When BBC Four did Trainspotting Live, a show that was slightly less intense than the Ewan McGregor film.

    BBC Four

    39. When it was discovered that the Cookie Monster has a British cousin who doesn't eat cookies, but biscuits.

    Sesame Workshop / CBeebies

    Biscuit Monster was exceedingly British.

    Sesame Workshop / CBeebies

    And when Cookie Monster and Biscuit Monster were reunited it was a very touching moment.

    Sesame Workshop / CBeebies

    40. When a team got absolutely zero crystals on The Crystal Maze but they decided to put them into the dome anyway.

    Television history as a team on #TheCrystalMaze did so badly they got zero crystals and zero seconds in the dome, but they did it anyway.

    41. When Neighbours had a sex balloon disaster resulting in Paige having sex with a catholic priest.

    What a disaster.

    42. When Gordon Ramsay fronted a daytime food competition show where contestants had to slice vegetables up.


    This was a show that actually happened.

    43. When Yan served a phallic cake on Bake Off.

    Channel 4 / Love Productions

    44. When TLC introduced a dating show where each date strips to their underwear in a cold studio, lies on a bed and then gets asked questions like this on a screen in front of them.


    If they liked each other they went on a date, wearing clothes.


    It had rather mixed results.

    45. When Charlotte said this during Geordie Shore.


    46. When Susanna Reid asked actor Dan Stevens this during an interview on Good Morning Britain.

    Good Morning Britain

    47. When Scarlett Moffatt said this during Gogglebox.

    Studio Lambert / C4 and Labour

    48. When a This Morning interview with a couple who supposedly have 18 hour orgasms went off the rails.

    ITV / This Morning

    49. When everyone noticed that Paul Hollywood was dishing out a lot of handshakes during episodes of Bake Off.

    Channel 4

    And people started to wonder whether the value of Hollywood Handshakes had declined somewhat.

    So, I decided to watch every single Bake Off episode ever in two days to work out whether he had been giving out more handshakes and oh my god.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    That went well.

    Ellie Woodward / BuzzFeed

    Really, really, really, well.

    Love Productions / Channel 4


    50. And finally, rather touchingly, when legendary presenter Peter Purves pinned Richard Bacon's Blue Peter badge on him, 20 years after he was fired from the show.

    And with that, a story that connected all of our childhoods had a touching epilogue.

    Thank you for reading this post. It has been a joy to make.

    BBC / Love Productions

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