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The Kids That Invaded Their Dad's BBC News Interview Pound On The Door Now When He's On TV

He now locks the door!

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The greatest TV moments of 2017 was, without a shadow of a doubt, this interview that turned into a complete shambles when the interviewee's kids invaded.

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Robert E Kelly, a professor of political science, was supposed to be talking about the resignation of South Korea's president Park Geun-hye. However, he forgot to lock the door behind him, resulting in both of his kids crashing his interview.


Today, Kelly was interviewed on BBC News about the famous incident, and was asked by Simon McCoy whether the door to the study now has a lock on it. Kelly responded: "It does."

omg @Robert_E_Kelly was just on BBC News and he says his kids still try to get into the room when he's being interv…

He said: "This whole thing happened because I was tired, it was the day the South Korean president had been impeached, I had done five interviews beforehand and I just forgot to push the button, man."

He then said: "Even now, when I push the button, my kids come down the hallway and they pound on the door ... If you ever watch me doing a TV video and I'm talking very loud, it's because I'm covering up my kids pounding on the door, because my wife lost track of them again."

BBC News

"And they come running down the hall and they pound on the door [and go] 'DADDY DADDY DADDY.'"

"Yeah, that's my family, man. My kids are very energetic."