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A Lot Of People Are Sharing This Bizarre And Unexpected "Come Dine With Me" Ending

"Just take your money and get off my property."

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Even without knowing who these people are, this Come Dine With Me moment is very special to watch.

What just happened on Come Dine With Me? 😂😂

There have been 37 series of Come Dine With Me in the UK, a show where some strangers eat round each other's houses and then give each other a score. This moment was pretty exceptional.

And a lot of people talked about it too.

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This is so awkward.

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So what happened? Well the host in this episode was a guy called Peter and he didn't get on with the other contestants during tonight's episode. He especially didn't get on with Jane (on the left), the eventual winner. In the show you see him accused of engaging in inappropriate conversation at the kitchen table.


And then this moment happened.

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Adam Mastroianni, the American in the blue shirt on the right, told BuzzFeed News by email: "I didn’t want to make eye contact because I thought he’d open up on me next. Half of me wishes I would have stood up to him because Jane was really lovely, and half of me is glad that the clip doesn’t include him berating me.

"I think they cut it out of the episode, but right after he told Charlotte [another contestant] what he thought of her, he said to me, 'Adam, you’re funny, and it’s been a pleasure. Your food wasn’t great.' Then he kicked us all out."

The winner and the contestants promptly left the property and then they drank on the street.

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Asked whether he regretted taking part in the show, Mastroianni said, "Halfway through the week, when I was spending every waking moment doing Come Dine With Me stuff, I wondered if I should ever have done it. After the final night, I was so glad I did."

"This will be one of the most fantastic memories I take home from my time in the UK."