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    15 Times Mary Berry Has Enjoyed Consuming Alcohol On TV

    On wine: "There's never any left in our house. I might even need to open a bottle, specially."

    1. When Mary Berry needed precise measurements.

    2. When Mary Berry arrived at the party and someone had the audacity to ask whether she wanted something non-alcoholic.

    3. When she was offered some super-strength port.

    4. When she was making a super cheeky cottage pie.

    5. When she added irish cream into a pudding.

    6. And when she spoke about her wine ownership.

    7. When Tom said to Mary in The Great British Bake Off that he was making a gin and tonic flavoured cake.

    8. And when Benjamina said that she was adding rum into her pina colada roulade and Mary just winked at her.

    9. And in the very first episode of Bake Off when she spoke to the first baker and tried what she was baking.

    10. And when Luis just said this and Mary couldn't take it.

    11. And when she tried Luis' doughnuts and ignored it.

    12. When she went out drinking with all her gal pals.

    13. When she was offered garlic beer for the first time.

    14. When she added her favourite ingredient into her famous Christmas cocktail.

    15. When she really got into the spirit of Christmas.

    Mary Berry, our offices are not far from the BBC. Can we go for some drinks one day when you're near? Thanks.