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    31 Of The Best Damn Dogs On BBC News

    In future, the news should be presented by dogs.

    1. Bounce the Dog

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    Obviously, he has to be at the top.

    2. Brax the White Swiss Shepherd

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    3. Jackson the Terrier

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    (This was a serious interview about Crufts btw, but the dogs were delightful).

    4. Elvis the BBC Weather dog.

    BBC News

    Unfortunately this dog did not present the weather.

    5. Phoebe the breakfast pug.

    BBC News

    Unfortunately this dog did not present the news.

    6. Enid the Rescue Dog

    BBC News

    Perfect in every way.

    7. Oscar the Golden Cocker Spaniel

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    Just look at Oscar with his serious news face.

    BBC News / Via Facebook: bbcbreakfast

    "Hello. I am Oscar. Here are the headlines. Give me a treat."

    8. Fizz the Expressive Cocker Spaniel

    BBC News

    9. Daniel the Spaniel

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    10. Bounce the Dog (AS A SPOKESDOG)

    BBC News / Via

    11. Shadow, this dog that helped children to READ.

    BBC News

    Good boy.

    BBC News

    12. Rosie the little nibbler dog.

    BBC Breakfast

    13. McFlurry

    BBC News / Via

    McFlurry is in schools to help calm students down.

    14. Diesel the Goddamn Dog

    BBC News / Via

    15. Peanut the Terrier

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @arrowjam

    16. A different Diesel the Dog

    BBC World News / Via

    This was a discussion about a doggy IQ test.

    17. Benji the Fucking Magnificent Corgi

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    Just look at this dog ruling the whole damn world.

    BBC News / Via

    True story: He then urinated on the sofa LIVE.

    18. Jake the Singing Dog

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    It was an unusual TV moment, not going to lie.


    19. Excited, Dramatic, Wonderful Arthur

    BBC Newsround / Via

    This interview was prerecorded, as Arthur could not be stopped.

    Arthur the ADVENTURER

    BBC News / Via

    The same dog on a different show. This counts, alright?

    20. A FIRE BRIGADE DOG called Ky.

    BBC News

    21. Buster the Sleepy Military Dog

    BBC News / Via Facebook: bbcbreakfast

    He was a very sleepy dog that day.

    22. Naughty Anonymous Dog

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @BBCBreakfast

    Sources later told BBC Breakfast that it was doing a number one.

    23. Monty the Goddamn Escape Artist Dog

    BBC News / Via

    BBC World News presenter Aaron Heslehurst then pretended Monty was chewing his leg LIVE.

    24. Mollie the Peaceful Dog

    BBC News / Via

    So chill.

    25. Sadie.

    BBC Breakfast

    Sadie is owned by one of the presenters, Sally Nugent.

    And as we're heading towards an election in the UK, here are some bonus photos of politicians with dogs.

    26. So here's... Star.

    BBC News / Daily Politics / Via

    27. Brodie and Noodle

    BBC News / Daily Politics / Via

    All political news interviews should be like this.

    28. And Max

    BBC News / Daily Politics / Via

    29. AND this politically aware dog.

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    30. UPDATE: Gobi the Ultramarathon dog.

    BBC News

    This ex-stray dog became friends with an ultramarathon runner called Dion and they ran together, then Gobi disappeared. They were later reunited.

    31. And then there was Pebbles from Newshound, a new show for pets, hosted by a dog, which was an April Fools by the BBC's Newsround.


    This show should actually exist though.










    BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

    And here is proof, if needed, that dogs are better on BBC News than they are on Sky News.

    Bounce the dog on Sky News VS. Bounce the dog on BBC News.

    This post will be constantly updated when more dogs appear on the BBC News Channel.

    Dogs on Sky News will not be included as they are not as good.

    BONUS: Alfie the Hedgehog

    BBC News / Via Twitter: @rosney