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A Brazilian Hen Party Crashed The BBC's Olympics Coverage And It Was Lovely

Dan Walker interviewed the bride-to-be on Copacabana beach late on Saturday night, leading to a chant of "BBC! BBC! BBC!" by the hen party. (Note: This post contains a video that can only be viewed in the UK.)

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The bride-to-be, Maria, asked Walker "where are you from?" before trying to enter the studio area.

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An impromptu interview began and viewers learned that she's getting married next month on Copacabana beach.


Then, after finding out that Walker is from the BBC, she made her entire hen party chant "BBC! BBC! BBC! BBC!"

PART TWO: The hen party start chanting "BBC BBC BBC BBC"

What a wonderful Olympic moment.

Writing on his Facebook, Walker said: "How do you solve a problem like Maria? You interview her live on TV! What a star. 546 things could have gone wrong but she was a delight."

Did this really just happen? Invaded by a hen party. Maria is getting married next month.

Maria was sent a link to the video by her friends on the morning after. "It is really crazy how these things happen nowadays," she told BuzzFeed News. "I consider myself a very spontaneous person and I think that's why we (Dan and I) handled the situation well."