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21 Disgusting But Real Moments Anyone Who's Farted Will Understand

We smelt it, and yeah, we dealt it.

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1. When you think you got away with one, and then you're called out:

FOX / Via Twitter: @fart

2. Or the total opposite, and you feel like a criminal mastermind:

3. When you think you're alone and this happens:

4. When you really think about where farts come from:

5. When a Downward-Facing Dog ends up costing you your dignity:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @AkilahObviously

6. When you think you're gonna be able to break wind ~quietly~ but then your body surprises you:

Discovery Family / Via Twitter: @SoarinArts

7. Yup, you've definitely let out one of those thunderous farts (you know the type):

8. When you drop a bomb so bad that you just have to fess up to your crime:

9. When your bodily functions impact your social life:

10. When you coordinate your bodily functions by accident:

11. When you can't deny that you supplied it:

12. When you get home and strip down to your underwear:

13. When we're fart-shamed from a young age:

14. When you realize you're really, really screwed:

15. Seriously, we can NEVER fess up to farting:

16. When you're totally guilty, but you're trying to cover up your fart crime:

17. When you smell one of THOSE farts and it's basically like going on a diet:

18. When we're all united by the fact we all toot:

19. Or when your friends ask and you try to play it off like you totally didn't do it:

20. When you fart in school:

21. And finally, the ultimate #RelationshipGoals when it comes to farting:

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