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    20 Ways To Improve Your Beauty Routine Overnight

    Now I lay me down to sleep, moisturizer on my feet.

    1. Maintain the perfect waves you worked so hard on the day before without the usual dent left by an elastic by using cute, tiny clips to gently keep your hair in place mark-free. Don't forget to add some serum to your ends the next morning to polish off the look!

    2. Bathe your lashes and brows in some organic, cold-pressed castor oil before bed to keep them long 'n strong! The oil also comes with a dropper, a spoolie, and a brush so you can finally give your lashes the special attention they deserve.

    3. Escape the perils of dry winter air by putting a humidifier in your room. Overnight, this baby will emit a cool mist to keep your skin hydrated and content while you get your luxurious eight hours. You'll wake up ~glowing~ instead of dried out!

    4. Head to your pantry for a little snack and a beauty hack! Apple cider vinegar — yes, vinegar — can help reduce breakouts when used as a toner before bed! And when paired with the cult-favorite Aztec clay mask, this unstoppable duo works together to banish even the biggest of breakouts.

    5. Apply cure-all Aquaphor healing ointment to cracked feet/hands/literally anything to give yourself a ton of overnight moisture and ~healing~. This works especially well on cracked or calloused feet when covered with soft socks.

    6. Combat pesky breakouts OVERNIGHT with pimple patches! Just pop them on before bed and wake up to some satisfying, gross-in-a-good-way, gunk-filled patches, as well as clearer skin.

    7. Use a derma roller before applying serum at night to open your pores and let your skin soak up every last drop of the good stuff while you peacefully slumber.

    8. Preserve your blowout by quickly touching up strands with a hair dryer and then applying your favorite leave-in conditioner before twisting and securing your style before bed.

    9. Give in and finally buy one of those Sephora hair masks that have been tempting you for FOREVER. All four specialized formulas come with a cap to keep all that goodness contained through the night.

    10. Swap out your pillowcase as part of an effort to get bacteria as far away from your face as humanly possible (bacteria = breakouts)! Grab a few extra pillowcases and some detergent formulated for sensitive skin to make the task a lot easier.

    11. Repair dry hands with a Burt's Bees overnight repair kit and wake up with some seriously moisturized mitts.

    12. Create beachy waves with only bobby pins, a nice little snooze, and some finishing hairspray before reuniting with your pillow. Life's a beach, but at least you have great hair and plenty of rest!

    13. Switch from regular hair ties to a silky scrunchy while pineappling your locks for the evening. The smooth band dramatically reduces breakage and is also just really cute. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    14. Try "plopping"! It's a method of drying natural curls that uses only a cotton T-shirt and sweet, sweet time. Add some anti-frizz serum and a wide-tooth comb to the party and you've got perfect curls for dayyyyys.

    15. Slather yourself liberally in the greatest moisturizer around. Belif's aqua bomb is light but effective and leaves thirsty skin feeling healthy as can be in the morning! It's the skin equivalent of drinking a ton of water before bed to avoid a hangover after a night out.

    16. Achieve true, deep ~beauty sleep~ with the help of an eye mask. More sleep means less stress, aka better skin! Try a mask that's contoured and cushioned for maximum comfort *and* maximum darkness (good sleep is goth now).

    17. Apply an ultra-hydrating Clinique lip mask to prep your pout for another bright and sunshiny day! No need to raise your hand if you're a mouth-breather, but *HELLO* this is especially great for you!

    18. Luxuriate on a silky pillowcase so you can wake up with shiny tresses that haven't dried out or tangled wildly overnight.

    19. Treat yo' self to a Beautycounter overnight resurfacing peel. When applied before bed and followed with a brightening moisturizer, this peel gently removes the dull surface layer of skin so you wake up to a brand spankin' new face (not really, but you know what I mean)!

    20. Don't forget those peepers! Using retinol cream supports collagen production, which can make you look more awake and your skin look lively and healthy! Apply before bed to avoid the "you look tired" comment from a coworker. Sidebar: any coworker who says "you look tired" should be fired immediately.


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