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Everything You Thought You Knew About Washing Your Sheets Is Wrong

Probably more than you suspect.

Washing your sheets is a necessary but highly annoying chore.

Some might say it's OK to wash them once every few months...

you know you're in college when you spill coffee all over your sheets and decide to use your Tide stain stick instead of washing it

...while others enjoy the clean comfort of freshly washed sheets.

Every week after washing my sheets I just lay down for a good 30 mins and take it all in

BUT do you know if you're washing your sheets as often as you should be?

According to these experts, you should be washing your sheets once a week.

Otherwise, you'll be lying in all that dirt, bacteria, and allergens, which obviously isn't great for your health.

And don't forget about your pillowcases! They could be the cause of your acne.

Good news, though! If you don't have direct contact with your comforter, you can get away with washing it every two to four weeks.

Oh, and if you have a furry friend? You *really* need to wash weekly.

Feeling frisky? Remember to change your sheets every time you get down and dirty. Yes, EVERY single time.

Live in a more humid climate? You better get to washing your sheets after reading this.

Oh, and if you care about your friends' and family's health, wash your guest sheets BEFORE they arrive.

One last thing: You should always wash your sheets in HOT water, not cold, and don't overdo it with the detergent!