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    31 Little Makeup Tricks That Make A Big Difference

    Lazy, but make it high-end beauty.

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    1. Test foundation shades on your neck *not* your arm. Chances are your arm is actually darker than your face due to consistent sun exposure (and yes this applies to even us indoor cats).

    2. Play a game of connect the dots if liquid eyeliner has always seemed intimidating. It'll help you get more precise results than just *winging* it.

    3. Hide any cracking or unevenness from your lipstick by layering on an extra coating of a similarly shaded lipgloss. Plus, the added shine will make your lips look fuller!

    4. Put skincare first — literally! Apply a soothing treatment lotion, vitamin C serum, and moisturizer to reduce redness (especially helpful for acne), tighten pores, and protect your complexion from future breakouts.

    5. Define your brows while still looking au natural by using a Maybelline eyebrow pencil that features a teardrop tip to precisely fill in hairs and a spoolie brush to softly blend. Can you claim you woke up like this? ABSOLUTELY.

    6. Highlight your features with a shimmery shade that directly compliments your skin tone by using Becca Cosmetics pressed highlighter. It features 12 shades (currently the biggest shade range for highlighters!) that adjust to your skin's undertones.

    7. Expand into a wider range of color when it comes to eyeliner to achieve different effects. Need a smokey eye? Turn to brown. Going for a softer look? Gray is the answer.

    8. Mix a dime-sized amount of Urban Decay translucent powder into a drop of your regular liquid foundation to achieve a DIY velvety, matte finish.

    9. Cover dark circles with bright red-orange lipstick. Yes, you read that right. It neutralizes darkness and minimizes the appearance of circles. Just apply your concealer directly on top!

    10. Discover all the surprising uses of white eyeliner: Want to brighten your eyes? Check. Bold brows? Done. The subtle effect will highlight the features you want to show off.

    11. Combat shine in photos by creating a matte, full-coverage base makeup to make your face look smooth and even. The flash of the camera will bounce off your makeup, so blending concealer and foundation is key!

    12. See how just a few tweaks really amp up your photo!! Double the likes? You know we want them.

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    Psst! Slide the bar to see the full transformation!

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    Psst! Slide the bar to see the full transformation!

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    Psst! Slide the bar to see the full transformation!

    13. Master the cat eye at long last — or at least make everyone *think* you did. Simply stamp in the winged tip with a double-sided eyeliner to put an end to frustrating mornings. Your secret is safe with me, I promise.

    14. Turn to a color-correcting concealer if foundation isn't doing enough. The trick is knowing which color will neutralize your concern! For example, green has long been known to cancel out red pimples.

    15. Use a kabuki brush to evenly apply powder, mineral foundation, or bronzer in light circular motions. This simple technique helps give off an airbrushed effect.

    16. Forget about complicated eye makeup techniques and tools. Glossier's liquid eyeshadows can be applied with nothing but your fingertips, but their super-pigmented formula still brings the ~drama~.

    17. Draw attention to your eyes by highlighting your central points: under-eye, nose, and chin with a Fenty Matte Skinstick to direct all the focus to your gorgeous peepers.

    18. Buff chapped, dry skin away with a lip exfoliator before applying lipstick so it always goes on smoothly (and stays smooth).

    19. Choose your mascara based on your natural eye shape. Each formula is designed to accentuate specific features, so it's best to know which one has you in mind. For example, almond eyes benefit most from a mascara with a rubber comb for the best lengthening effect.

    20. Prime your eyelids with NARS eyeshadow base before experimenting with fun looks like *glittery lids* so the sparkles actually stick.

    21. Ensure a flawless, creaseless finish when doing a full makeup look by "baking," or letting transluscent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes in order to create a solid base for foundation and concealer. Tldr: your makeup stays all day and your skin looks EXTRA perfect.

    22. Fill your whole lid with a vibrant eyeliner first when going for a bold eye look. It creates a saturated base coat so the rest of your eye makeup really pops.

    23. Repeat after me: I 👏will👏 not 👏forget👏 my 👏neck! Don't let all your hard work go to waste because of foundation marks on your jawline. Including this *finishing touch* with a foundation brush makes your makeup seem far more seamless!

    24. Add a drop of Tarte maracuja gold oil into some of your foundation to achieve a ~dewy glow~. It's easy to blend, looks more like your natural complexion, and can cheaply let you experiment if you're looking to veer from matte.

    25. Explore different ways to show off your lashes by applying your mascara with new techniques. The way you angle the wand makes a huge difference. For example, holding the brush horizontally and making zigzag motions creates the appearance of false lashes.

    26. Avoid eyeshadow fallout with minimal effort thanks to adhesive shadow shields. This is especially helpful if you prefer to do your eyes after foundation. Raccoon eyes? I don't know her.

    27. Show off a full face of striking makeup, but with just one product (saving time AND money? Yes please). A subtle cream blush works well on all parts of your face!

    28. Hit the refresh button at any point in the day by misting some Thayers rose petal toner. It'll bring your makeup back (goodbye cakey powder) to life and even leave you with a subtle glow.

    29. Map out your eyebrows with a tweezer to know where they should begin and end on your face when you fill 'em in. This works whether your brows are twins, sisters, cousins twice removed, WHATEVER. Now they'll appear more symmetrical!

    30. Complete a (seemingly) full look in just one minute by covering the three most important bases: foundation, concealer, and lipstick. Even with only these, you'll look put-together!

    31. Conquer highlighting and contouring (it's not so scary, I swear!) by simply drawing out triangles with a concealer stick. It saves time and makes it extremely easy to memorize steps.

    32. Extend your eyeshadow slightly past the corner of your eyes then finish off with a winged tip to subtly elongate your eyes.

    No more trying to keep up with YouTube tutorials like:

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