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    This $40 Humidifier Will Probably Change How You Sleep Forever

    Say goodbye to that dry, scratchy throat you're constantly waking up with.

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    Raise your hand if you're tired of feeling like you wake up in the Sahara Desert each morning.

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    OK, grool. Now let me tell you how to remedy this problem.

    I live in an apartment where I don't have control over the heating system — meaning, on top of sweating to death, my bedroom is often extremely dry all year long. The solution? This Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

    This quaint water tank has completely changed the vibe of my room and my sleep has never been better! The mist fills the air, keeping my throat and nostrils hydrated and happy for the duration of the night.

    It has a 1.5-liter water tank, which makes it ideal for bedrooms, offices, and other medium-sized rooms. The humidifier also includes an automatic shutoff feature, so when the water level runs low, it will turn off without a problem.

    The humidifier uses cool mist, which is said to help you breathe more easily and get a more restful sleep. This version is great for both adults, kids, AND, apparently, cats.,

    "Perfect for the summer — the mist has a cooling effect. My 2-year-old son loves the blue-light effect and I don't need to worry about him burning his hand like with hot humidifiers. It's about 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It is built very light but sturdy and in great condition. I purchased two: one for me and another for my son's room. Living in the dry desert area, this is perfect for my family. Good for small rooms, but if your room is big like a master bedroom I would purchase either two or a larger one. The placement also seems like it requires it to be near you like on the nightstand next to the user. I love it!!" —shyeilrz

    "Excellent! Helps my cat with asthma! Super quiet and love the night light! Five stars, highly recommended for both adult and pets!" —Amazon Customer

    And I'm not the only one who loves this thing. This lil' gadget has tons of other reviewers raving about how effective it is:

    "So for the last several weeks, I have been experiencing the negative effects of dry air in my home, particularly in my bedroom. My nose has been dry and sore with inflamed nasal passages along with my nose running 'like a sugar tree.' Sleeping with a fan as I have done for the past 15+ years became impossible. I don't know about you, but that combination makes for a miserable sleep. Anywho, I had never needed or used a humidifier until this purchase. Let's just say that my dreams have returned and I'm waking up to a nice mist rather than a pillow of Kleenex and a sore nose. Life is good. The Ultrasonic is whisper-quiet with the occasional echo of water, not dripping, but a soft cascade as if it were a mini waterfall. I find it rather soothing, a bit of 'white noise,' which is good because I haven't plugged my fan back in as yet. The water reservoir is easy to fill (I use distilled water) and it's ready to go. The mist is cool, not overpowering and not 'smoky,' and you can turn the nozzle into the desired direction." —Tracy Johnson

    "I have been using this humidifier now for about two months and I really love it. It is very quiet and releases a good amount of moisture even on the low setting. I have used the LED a couple of times but I mainly just use the first setting, low with no lights. I have had zero problems with leaks or issues with filling the unit. I do wish that it held just a bit more water but it's large enough to run throughout the night without running out of water, especially on the low setting. I love the automatic shut-off feature, and the button is so easy to press, you could be half asleep and still shut off/turn on the unit. It works very well...I had it running all night long a few nights ago and I woke up with some moisture on my windows so I know it's adding humidity to the room. It's a cute little unit and I highly recommend this humidifier. Its cute, quiet and does exactly what it's suppose to do. Very happy with this purchase!" —Starscream

    "I've never used a humidifier before, so the whole experience is new for me. However, I powered the Ultrasonic Cool Mist on and within an hour I noticed the air felt significantly different in my apartment. I live in the northern US, so I'm used to dry, cold winters and the dry noses/skin that accompanies them. However, since using this product every night, I've noticed the cracks are healing and not coming back! Even though the function is excellent, I'm also impressed by how silent the machine is. We put it in our bedroom, and I have no problem falling asleep. There is a blue light that can be turned on for the machine, but I found that to be too bright for me to sleep, so I simply turned it off, as it's not required for the machine to run. 10/10 would buy again, and I've recommended it to my family and friends." —Chandler

    Customers love how quiet, sleek, and easy to clean this cool-mist humidifier is, but the main selling point? How effective it is at helping with dry throats and nosebleeds.

    "This humidifier has done wonders for me. I have found that in the wintertime, I tend to have a very dry nose and throat, which causes me to get frequent nosebleeds and wake up with a sore throat. I searched for small humidifiers that I could keep in my apartment's room, to try to lessen the occurrence of these problems. I would recommend this product to someone who has issues during the winter with dry nose, throat, skin, and lips.

    This product works great! I have found that I only need to refill the water supply once a week. This humidifier is quiet and doesn't make any noise or emit any light, which I personally enjoy. So far, this humidifier has helped me wake up feeling well refreshed and ready to start the day. I have noticed that since buying this humidifier, I have, in fact, reduced the amount of nose bleeds and sore throats I get.

    The great thing about this specific humidifier is it has four different settings and a nightlight. Setting one is low with no light, setting two is low with light, setting three is high with light, and setting four is high with no light. It gives you the option to take advantage of the light, or if you prefer to have no light, that is possible as well. In some cases, the room you put the humidifier in might not be that large, so you can get by with keeping the humidifier on a low setting. Often times the room you place your humidifier in is decent sized and will need to be placed on the higher setting. Either way, you have the option to choose what is best for you and your needs." —Megan Moklestad

    It also comes with an AC power adapter, a disk cleaning brush, user manual, and a two-year warranty — all for $40!

    What are you waiting for? Get this humidifier from Amazon for $39.99 and start sleeping peacefully through the night!

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    (And if you're looking for a specific look to coordinate with your room's aesthetic, it's also available from Amazon in blue for $69.99+.)

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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