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    45 Cult-Favorite Products We've Tried And Think Live Up To The Hype

    The rumors are true: all of these cult-faves are popular for a reason.

    1. A set of gold collagen masks to plump and brighten your under-eyes if you, say, stayed up until 1 a.m. playing The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild last night, which you've had for a year and have barely made a dent in. OK, that got a little too personal, sorry, I'm tired.

    2. A bottle of Truff hot sauce, because I'm no food scientist, but I know that if you add truffle *or* hot sauce to almost any food, it's automatically going to make it better. So combined? Mind-blowing.

    glass bottle of hot sauce with geometric top under glass of shrimp cocktail

    3. A Blueland Clean Essentials eco-friendly cleaning kit which saves you the hassle of having to run out to buy all-new products whenever you run out, saves more plastic bottles from going into landfills, and in the end saves you money since the refill tablets for the entire kit are super affordable. Win, win, win!

    The Clean Essentials kit's cute spray bottles, tablets, and hand soap pump

    4. A pair of Ruby Love period sleep shorts so you can get a good night's rest knowing full well you won't wake up to stained sheets yet again — a story many of us know all too well.

    red high-waisted stretchy shorts

    5. Some CeraVe moisturizer that's taken TikTok by storm this year. A big ol' tub like this is an investment worth making, since according to pretty much everyone you'll want to stock up after it saves your dry skin.

    BuzzFeed writer holding the large tub of moisturizer

    6. A Salvador-scented candle from Bright Black whose wide, wooden wick burns evenly and perfectly. I genuinely look forward to lighting this candle every morning and filling my home with its fresh, effervescent scent.

    the writer holding a candle in a matte black glass vessel

    7. A BaubleBar Gold Chain Necklace to effortlessly add a touch of casual glam to your everyday look.

    buzzfeed editor wearing a short, thick gold chain

    8. A bottle of Biossance 100% Squalane Oil which hydrates your skin so well, it's incredible you haven't been a raisin without it. Its plant-based formula locks in the moisture your skin craves and also helps reduce redness.

    hand holding product bottle with pump top

    9. A Book of the Month subscription so you can enjoy a new release of your choice every month (and in gorgeous hardcover, no less).

    10. A pair of snag-proof opaque tights, because who has endless money to spend on tights after their only pair starts running after one or two wears? Not us!

    buzzfeed shopping editor wearing gray tights with a sweatshirt dress

    11. A pair of faux fur-lined Crocs so your feet can be snuggly and warm from the moment you step out of bed until the moment you climb back in to sleep.

    reviewer's navy crocs with grey faux fur lining

    12. A removable brushed nickel Command Hook to make organizing your jewelry, hanging up your towel, or giving your purse a regular hang-out spot easy and commitment-free.

    13. A burr coffee grinder with 40 different grind settings so you can really dial it in for the perfect cup of java. Drip, French press, pour-over...your options for quality joe are endless!

    14. Hyper Skin Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum that's packed full of 15% vitamin C and vitamin E and will work tirelessly to renew your skin's rough texture, lessen hyperpigmentation, and give you a fabulous overall glow.

    15. A Marble Pothos plant, because buying new plant bbs on Etsy is all the rage and Brumley and Bloom has over 4,000 great reviews. Hope you have a pot ready to go!

    The Pothos plant hanging in a macrame hanger

    16. A tube of Essence's Lash Princess mascara to send your lashes up, up, and away all day long for the low, low cost of $5.

    17. A Chom Chom roller that wants nothing more than to replace your sticky paper lint rollers forever. When the fuzz compartment gets full, simply empty it out and keep on rollin'.

    18. A pair of lounge pants — think of the softest thing you've ever felt. These pants are likely to be even softer. If you haven't experienced the joy that is feeling anything made my MeUndies, this is a great chance to dive in.

    19. A tube of Milk Makeup's Kush lip balm to calm and hydrate your pout with cannabis seed oil, shea butter, and moringa butter. Getting this during the coldest part of winter is an incredible gift to give yourself.

    BuzzFeed editor holding the product in green, which applies clear

    20. A pint (or five) of Daily Harvest Scoops ice cream whose coconut cream base is gentle on non-lactose-loving tummies but maintains the rich, crave-able creaminess of dairy ice cream. Available in five tasty flavors, there's something for everyone!

    open carton of strawberry ice cream with red swirls

    21. A subscription to Disney+ so you can stream all of your favorite Disney Channel movies from childhood (and so much more, but we all know you're watching Smart House first).

    a screenshot of the disney plus page

    22. A Casper nap pillow, because when a truly beloved mattress brand makes a mattress just for your head, ya gotta check it out.

    23. A pair of reliable Doc Martens that will keep your feet dry and comfy for a loooong time — Docs famously stay ~kickin~ for years on end.

    black lace up combat boots with thick soles and yellow stitching

    24. A Watermelon Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe that works all night long to hydrate your skin with juicy watermelon extract. It also gently resurfaces and removes dead skin cells using AHA to reveal all that bright, glowing skin you've been hiding.

    model dipping a tiny spoon into the thick pink mask in a glass pot

    25. Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning that goes well on avocado toast, eggs, homemade or store-bought bagels, regular toast, pasta — truly everything.

    26. A splurge-worthy Samsung Frame for anyone who doesn't want their wall to be taken up mostly by a big black box when the TV is off. With the Frame, that box turns into a framed work of art, making your space feel a little more luxe whenever you're not bingeing Bridgerton for the third time.

    27. A Liquid Matte Lipstick from The Lip Bar, a Detroit-based cosmetics company whose eye-catching, long-wearing lippies have taken the makeup industry by storm.

    kayla in a pinkish purple matte lipstick

    28. A pair of Britney Clogs — just one of the many brilliant clog styles from Dansko. Their signature super-arched insole is what really helped them achieve the cult status–level comfort that everyone from line cooks to nurses to little old me agrees makes them a must-have. This pair is my personal fave.

    29. Fenty Beauty's Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush that melts into skin to give you a from-within flush. Its buildable formula lets you go as light or heavy as you want, but IMO there's no such thing as too much blush.

    30. A pack of reusable K-Cups so you can reduce the amount of waste you make with single-serve pods, make your own custom coffee blends, and save some money, too!

    reviewer image of k-cups laid out with some coffee inside

    31. A tube of Glossier's Boy Brow that makes getting thick, shapely brows a cinch with its simple, mascara-like applicator and creamy formula that'll lift and hold your lil' hairs while looking natural.

    on the right buzzfeed editor with no product on her brows captioned "before" on the right the editor holding boy brow with brows darkened  captioned "after"

    32. A personalized body wash from Function of Beauty so you can call the shots when it comes to your soap's color, scent, and even the *amount* of scent it has!

    the body wash in pink with a duck sticker on the bottle

    33. A stainless-steel Klean Kanteen water bottle to keep your water ice cold so you can enjoy it throughout the day — you ARE remembering to drink water, right?

    34. A pair of high-rise Levi's jeans, because finding a pair of jeans you can live in is one of life's great journeys, and these just might be yours.

    BuzzFeed editor wearing the medium wash raw hem version

    35. A mini Marshall speaker that packs a whole lot of sound in a ridiculously small package, which is perfect for anyone who loves to rock out but doesn't want to devote a lot of space to big ol' speakers.

    The black rectangular speaker that's shorter than a candle on a bookshelf with gold lettering that says Marshall

    36. A box of Liquid Death sparkling water for anyone who prefers their daily hydration to be metaphorically tattooed and wearing a leather jacket.

    37. A box of vegan cookies from Maya's Cookies that are so tasty, you may not see a need to go back to nonvegan treats again.

    38. Stila's Stay All Day liquid eyeliner pen to keep your eyeliner on *point* all day long with its long-lasting formula that I've put through the ringer for give or take eight years and am continually stunned by.

    39. A pair of Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings from Mejuri to add a touch of casual elegance to your everyday outfits. These are big enough to stand out over video calls but not *so* big that they'll weigh you down. Perfection.

    model wearing a gold hoop earring with a large pearl on the end

    40. A luxurious office chair with superb lumbar support, a heating feature, and even massage settings — I think the only downside of this chair is that you didn't invest in it last year.

    41. An Obé fitness subscription so you can get moving at home with live or on-demand classes in a wide variety of styles. Yoga, pilates, HIIT,'s all here!

    42. An iconic pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers I don't think will ever go out of style. That said, I'm biased, because I wear these alllllll the time and don't think I'll ever stop no matter what the trends decide.

    writer wearing worn black and white adidas sneakers

    43. A Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask to stop painful acne in its tracks as a full mask or as a spot treatment. Just because it's an adorable pink color doesn't mean it's not effective!

    pink clay mask in its container

    44. Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser so you can gently remove makeup and clean your face all in one fell swoop. No more messing with cotton rounds — hooray!

    45. A pair of Ugg classic ultra mini ankle booties to keep your tootsies as snug as a bug in a — well — Ugg.

    You trying to decide which of these cult faves to try out first: