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The Best & Worst Things About Being Named Michael

Michael is the fourth most popular name in America. Here's what it's like being named Michael.

mthomaseddy 6 years ago

The 20 Hottest Gays In The UK

Gays can now get legally married in England and Wales. God save the queens!

mthomaseddy 6 years ago

Children's Books You Forgot You Loved

These are the children's books that taught you to read. Read them again, why don't ya?

mthomaseddy 6 years ago

10 Russians That Would Take Edward Snowden In

Former NSA contractor and wanted whistle blower Edward Snowden is looking for asylum in Russia. Here's ten Russians that would gladly take him in.

mthomaseddy 6 years ago

Top 5 Superheroes We'd Like To See Spider-Man Be Gay With

Andrew Garfield recently announced that he entertained the thought of Spider-Man being gay with director, Marc Webb. Here's some super-hero romances that get my Spidey senses tingling.

mthomaseddy 6 years ago

Top 10 Signs You Know You're From Delaware

It was the first state to ratify the Constitution, there's more chicken than people, and it's your home.

mthomaseddy 6 years ago