Top 10 Signs You Know You’re From Delaware

It was the first state to ratify the Constitution, there’s more chicken than people, and it’s your home.


Whenever someone mistakenly thinks that Delaware is a city somewhere in another state, you’re like.


This is your favorite store on the planet.


When someone tells you that they have a friend who is also from Delaware, you’re all.


This sign still brings back vivid (and hazy) memories of your senior week.


This was your favorite Delawarean growing up.


These two simple words made sure that you never went shopping in any other states.


This was your second home.


Pumpkin Chunkin is one of your favorite events, and not something you do after eating too much of Grandma’s pie.


Whenever you hang out with your old swim team friends.


You still have no clue why Mr. Celery was a mascot at the Blue Rocks stadium, and honestly you don’t care.

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