10 Russians That Would Take Edward Snowden In

Former NSA contractor and wanted whistle blower Edward Snowden is looking for asylum in Russia. Here’s ten Russians that would gladly take him in.

1. Sergey the Oligarch

When you’re good to Sergey, Sergey’s good to you.

2. This Model

She takes in stray cats and Americans all while wearing eight inch stilettos. Me-ow!

3. The synchronized swimming team

These ladies would take his mind off being the most wanted man in America.

4. Boris the butcher

His heart is as big as his axe.

5. This Babushka

You look hungry and pale. Eat her cabbage stew and sunbathe with her in Russia’s Boca Raton.

6. This happy drinker

Beer mustaches never go out of style.

7. This quiet art museum goer

Get some peace and quiet at the Hermitage Museum. Shh! Your sneakers are making too much noise.

8. Happy passport girl

What do you mean you can’t leave the country? Ok, I’ll travel for both of us.

9. President Putin

What other country leader are you going to be able to ride horses shirtless with?

10. This bear

He’ll keep you warm and keep all your secrets.

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