The Definitive "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" Makeup Tutorial

    To celebrate Halloween, the talented makeup team behind Broadway's Tony-winning Hedwig and the Angry Inch turned me into the eponymous queer rock star. Here's a step-by-step guide to the process.

    Before each performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, now running at New York's Belasco Theatre, hair and makeup designer Mike Potter and assistant hair and makeup designer Nicole Bridgeford turn the show's leading man into glittery rock goddess Hedwig Schmidt. John Cameron Mitchell took on the role in the 2001 film, which he and composer Stephen Trask adapted from the stage production they had created, and the current Broadway run has seen Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Rannells, and now Michael C. Hall donning the iconic wig and blue eyeshadow.

    For the purposes of BuzzFeed's Hedwig makeup tutorial, Potter and Bridgeford were kind enough to use my face as their canvas.

    Below are step-by-step instructions to becoming Hedwig, and you'll find a list of recommended supplies at the bottom. Use it for the perfect Halloween costume, or really, whenever you feel like being fabulous. Note that while you can do this yourself, it really helps to have someone do it for you — so go out there and find your other half.

    1. Cover your eyebrows with a glue stick.

    2. Apply foundation to the face, and use a concealer stick to cover any stubble.

    3. Draw on new eyebrows.

    4. Apply black eyeliner.

    5. Use foundation to make those eyebrows disappear.

    6. Apply eye shadow.

    7. Use a white pencil to further conceal your eyebrows.

    8. Apply blush to your jawline.

    9. Use an index card to create the perfect triangle of blush.

    10. Use a Q-tip dipped in hair gel to apply the glitter.

    11. Add more glitter.

    12. Use black eye shadow to help shape the eyes.

    13. Paint the lip shape using a dark burgundy pencil.

    14. Apply lipstick.

    15. Apply blue eye shadow under the eyes.

    16. Add more glitter.

    17. Curl your eyelashes.

    18. Apply mascara.

    19. Add glitter to your lips.

    20. Use tape to remove excess glitter.

    21. Apply fake eyelashes.

    22. Put your wig on.

    23. Bask in the glory of your completed look.

    24. And take a selfie.

    Here's mine:


    Here's what you'll need to create the Hedwig look. I'm including specifics wherever possible, but you can obviously use whichever brands you prefer.

    - Elmer's glue stick

    - Foundation

    - Black MAC Creme liner

    - MAC Electric Eel eye shadow

    - MAC Pure White pencil

    - MAC Rhubarb blush

    - Hair gel

    - Glitter

    - Q-tips

    - Dark burgundy pencil

    - Dark red lipstick

    - MAC Zoom Lash mascara

    - Fake eyelashes

    - Scotch tape

    - Blonde wig

    Go forth, and enjoy!

    You can buy tickets to Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway here.