"A Simple Favor" Is Officially Getting A Sequel, And The Plot Sounds Deliciously Mysterious

    The long wait is almost over!

    In 2018, Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively starred in A Simple Favor, a comedy noir from Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and Spy.

    Now, some five and a half years later, the film is finally (finally!) getting a sequel.

    Blake in a shirt and pants and Anna, in a dress, sit facing each other on a couch, both holding martini glasses

    On Wednesday, Amazon MGM Studios and Lionsgate announced in a press release that the long-awaited sequel is officially happening.

    Anna with a camera looking intrigued and Blake in business attire looking pensive

    The first film starred Anna as Stephanie, a Connecticut widow and food vlogger who befriends another mom at her kid's school: Emily, a chic and mysterious woman played by Blake. When Emily suddenly disappears, Stephanie can't help obsessing over her absence.

    Anna and Blake raise a glass in a toast in a brightly lit room with modern decor

    Anna and Blake are returning for the sequel, as are Andrew Rannells as Stephanie's friend Darren and Henry Golding as Emily's husband.

    Henry in a blazer at a desk with a computer, looking thoughtful

    The studios also revealed the logline for the film, and it already honestly sounds iconic: "In the film, we see the return of Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) and Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) as they head to the beautiful island of Capri, Italy, for Emily’s extravagant wedding to a rich Italian businessman. Along with the glamorous guests, expect murder and betrayal to RSVP for a wedding with more twists and turns than the road from the Marina Grande to the Capri town square."

    Blake Lively in a deep V-neck pin-striped dress

    Italian vacations, lavish weddings, murder, and betrayal? Now, that sounds like a worthy sequel.

    Anna sitting with a drink, wearing a sweater

    But don't go buying tickets. According to the press release, A Simple Favor 2 is expected to begin production in the spring before being released on Prime Video at a later date.