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    Dec 3, 2012

    21 Awkward Things About High School Dances

    High school dances can always be a little weird...

    1. When your date stands you up.

    2. When your date's an Xbox.

    3. When your date underdresses.

    4. When your date's skirt gets more attention than yours.

    5. When you're not allowed into the dance because your dress is see through.

    6. When you're not allowed in even though your dress isn't see through.

    7. When your date also asked someone else out.

    8. When your dad photobombs you.

    9. When you have to use a stool for the pictures.

    10. When you can't pin the boutonnière on.

    11. When your friend's thumb is in your mouth.

    12. When you fall into a lake.

    13. When you forgot to fill up the gas tank.

    14. When you forget to make dinner reservations.

    15. When your date gets all up on you.

    16. When your date's twerking gets out of control.

    17. When you're wearing a burlap sack.

    18. When you're camouflaged.

    19. When you're not camouflaged but everyone else is.

    20. When everyone catches you sneaking a peek.

    21. When you forget your pants.

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