The Best & Worst Things About Being Named Michael

Michael is the fourth most popular name in America. Here’s what it’s like being named Michael.

1. There are over 4 million people in the U.S. with the first name Michael.

2. Michael is the 4th most popular name in the country.

3. So many Michaels.

4. Too many Michaels.

5. Michaels EVERYWHERE!

6. If you’re Michael, you have been trained not to respond to your name in public.

7. When you do respond, and it’s not you, you take it in stride.

8. But when someone writes “Micheal” you’re like.

9. You also go by your last name.

10. Or an alias.

11. You know you’ll run into a new Michael at least once a week.

12. But you’re OK with that.

13. Being a Michael isn’t all bad. You share a first name with this actor.

14. And this all-star athlete.

15. And this Olympic gold medalist.

16. And pop royalty.

17. And while not all Michaels are not alike,

18. We all share a special bond.

19. You’re one in four million.

20. Go forth and prosper Michaels.

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