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The 16 Fan Bases God Hated Most In 2013

It's been a painful year, but it'll get better. For some of you. *Tries not to look Cleveland in the eye*

16. New York Giants fans.

15. Washington Nationals fans.

14. Vancouver Canucks fans.

Four straight division titles. Two Presidents Trophies. Zero Stanley Cups. One city-crippling riot.

13. University of Oregon football fans.

12. Houston Texans fans.

11. Atlanta Falcons fans.

10. University of Texas football fans.

9. Washington football fans.

What is there to say about Dan Snyder that hasn't already been said about the Ebola virus? He's over-involved with football operations, insensitive, pompous, lacks common sense and is hated by most if not all Washington fans. And all of Snyder's many flaws have been on full display this season in the very public debacle over the team's nickname. Oh yeah, and the team itself? Well, RG3 has been beaten beyond recognition due to the poor play of the team's offensive line, and they're currently in last place in the NFC East.

8. UCLA basketball fans.

7. New York Mets fans.

6. New York Knicks fans.

5. Buffalo Bills fans.

4. Cleveland Browns fans.

3. Fans of every professional sports franchise in Florida other than the Miami Heat and Tampa Bay Rays.

2. Chicago Bulls fans.

1. University of Florida football fans.