32 Reasons Being A Buffalo Bills Fan Is More Painful Than Childbirth

No one knows misery like the Western New York faithful.

1. We haven’t made the playoffs since the 1999–2000 season.

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2. …where this happened.

OK, here’s the thing: There’s no conceivable way a tight end can throw a ball 30 yards on a straight line. I don’t care what “video replay” and “technology” tells us, the Music City Miracle was an illegal forward pass.

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3. Today’s high school seniors were 4 years old at the time.

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4. We’ve had seven coaches since Marv Levy retired after the 1997 season.

Rick Stewart / Getty

Rick Stewart / Getty

Rick Stewart / Getty


From left: Wade Phillips, Greg Williams, Mike Mularkey.

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Who were all successful coordinators and not so successful head coaches…

Rick Stewart / Getty

Rick Stewart / Getty

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(From left to right: Dick Juron, Perry Fewell, Chan Gailey)

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5. We have our fingers crossed about Doug Marrone.

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I mean what else are we supposed to do?

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6. The only thing more unstable than our coaching situation is our quarterback play…

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From left: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Trent Edwards, Brian Brohm.

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We’ve had 10 since Jim Kelly, and they’ve had one thing in common…

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From left: J.P. Losman, Kelly Holcomb, Drew Bledsoe.

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They all fucking suck.

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(From left to right: Todd Collins, Alex Van Pelt, Rob Johnson)

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7. Except this guy… Who ownership didn’t trust, because he’s short.

Ron Hoskins / Getty

Every Bills fan has a box of Flutie Flakes laying around somewhere.

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8. Since 2000, we’re 3-25 against the New England Patriots…

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9. …who have outscored the Bills by 350 points during that stretch.

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10. Remember 2005? When we lost to the Steelers on the last day of the season to miss the playoffs…

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11. That game was at home, and the Steelers rested the following players:

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Rick Stewart / Getty


From left: Ben Roethlisberger, Jerome Bettis, Plaxico Burress.

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12. Or that time we miraculously lost to the Browns 6-3?

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Seriously, how is that possible?!

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13. Remember hosting Monday Night Football for the first time in 14 years, forcing Tony Romo into five interceptions and losing on a last second 50-yard field goal?

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14. ………………


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15. Who could forget wasting first round picks on Aaron Maybin and Mike Williams?

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16. Or trading Marshawn Lynch the Seahawks for a fourth and fifth round draft pick…

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17. He became an all-pro running back and is known for arguably the most memorable run in playoff history.

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18. This happened.

Drew Rosenhaus was also Willis McGahee’s agent.

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19. We all know how much Willis LOVED Buffalo!

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20. Hell, even the best player in franchise history initially didn’t want to play for us.

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21. Oh yeah! Remember this fucking guy?

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22. We’ve become accustomed to casual heartbreak…

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23. Injuries? We got them in spades…

Thomas B. Shea / Getty

Marc Serota / Getty

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24. Debilitating misery? Check.

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25. So sometimes we have a little too much to drink.

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26. And we might blame god for our failures every once in a while.

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27. But we’re also intensely loyal…

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Andy Lyons / Getty

Brody Wheeler / Getty

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28. And uh, sometimes we’re just insanely intense…

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29. I mean, this is how we celebrate Week 3 victories.

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30. Call us delusional, but this is STILL an incredible achievement.

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31. We’re gonna turn the corner soon, we’re gonna make history…

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32. Even if “making history” means starting an undrafted free agent in Week 1 for the first time in NFL history.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a man and therefore incapable of experiencing childbirth; however, I am a diehard Bills fan and holy shit does it suck.

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