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23 Awkward Movie Mistakes That'll Make You Say, "Wow, Really?"

Why were Lily Potter's eyes brown? Why?!

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to submit the most cringeworthy movie mistakes they'd come across. Here are the most awkward mistakes:

2. The waitress missing the light switch in Grease.

RSO Records

There's a scene in Grease where a waitress attempts to turn off a light switch with her elbow because her hands aren't free. Thing is, she misses the switch and the lights turn off anyway.

Submitted by Bridget Lee, Facebook

3. There's a scene in Gladiator where you can see a gas canister in the back of a chariot, which is very odd considering those weren't around in Ancient Rome.

Submitted by Andrew Ziegler


4. Lily Potter's eyes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Warner Bros.

Throughout the book series, Harry Potter was always told he had eyes like his mother's. They were green; however, in the final film, the actor who portrayed Lily Potter had brown eyes.

Submitted by Gabi Corey, Facebook

6. A Stormtrooper hits his head in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Lucasfilm Ltd

In this scene a Stormtrooper hits his head on the door opening. You can even hear the thud, too.

Submitted by Annie Smith, Facebook


8. The Lamborghini in Dallas Buyers Club.

Truth Entertainment

The movie is set in 1985, but if you look behind Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey), you can see a Lamborghini Aventador, a car that wasn't made until 2011.

Submitted by Jovan Santos, Facebook

9. The guitar Marty McFly plays in Back to the Future.

Amblin Entertainment

During this scene, McFly is in the year 1955, which is a bit odd considering the guitar he's playing, the ES-345, didn't debut until 1959.

Submitted by jws1272

10. The kid covers his ears in North by Northwest.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

If you look to the right, you can see that the child covers his ears moments before the gun is fired. He clearly anticipated the noise.

Submitted by BabyDollLolita


19. In Raiders of the Lost Ark you can see the snake's reflection in the glass separating it from Indiana Jones.

Lucasfilm Ltd.

So, thankfully, Harrison Ford wasn't in as much danger as we'd imagined.

Submitted by vikky

20. Um, how exactly did Grandpa Joe manage to get out of bed to buy a chocolate bar in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Wolper Productions / Via

"In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Grandpa Joe hasn’t been out of bed in 20 years. Yet somehow, he manages to buy Charlie a chocolate bar without anybody else finding out. They explained where he got the money, but not how he did the shopping."

Submitted by amaneaux


22. Elsa's hair is going through her shoulder in Frozen.

Walt Disney Pictures

"I cringe every time Frozen is on when Elsa is singing 'Let It Go.' Not just because I’ve heard it a thousand times, but because hair should not pass through someone’s shoulder." Watch a slow-motion clip here and judge for yourself!

Submitted by greyfox155

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