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15 CBD Products We Actually Use And Really Like

CBD products that are tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed employees.

1. Papa & Barkley's Hemp Balm

Crystal Ro

"I'm obsessed with Papa & Barkley's Balm. I get a lot of back pain between my shoulder blades (probably because I'm on my phone too much?!?!) and tried this balm out of curiosity to see if it would help. I was super skeptical about it working, but was surprised that it did, and within just a few minutes?! Now I use it for any kind of muscle cramp, ache, or pain. L.O.V.E." —Crystal Ro

Get it from Papa & Barkley's Balm here for $30.

2. Medterra CBD Pet Tincture Oil

Krista Torres

"Medterra has great CBD products for both humans and pets. My stepdad swears by their tincture oil for his back pain, but I got the CBD pet tincture oil for my dog because she gets nervous and shakes when flying. It definitely relaxed her to the point where she was able to stop shaking and sleep comfortably." —Krista Torres

Get it from Medterra's CBD $22.99.

3. Taylor+Tess CBD Facial Products

Krista Torres

"I am obsessed with Taylor+Tess CBD facial products. They have a facial cleansing bar that cleans my face better than any other cleanser I have tried. At first I didn't like the idea of using a bar, but it works so well, it's the only thing I use now. They have a face cream and toning spray that is really nice and relaxing as well." —Krista Torres

Get it from Taylor+Tess's for $20.

4. Apothecanna's CBD lotion

Whitney Jefferson

"Three years ago, I missed a step on my way down a stairwell, breaking one of my ankles and spraining the other. Unfortunately for me, the X-ray didn't show any break in the bones at the time, so I spent the next four months hobbling around with a cane, wondering why my sprain hadn't yet healed. Eventually at my annual checkup, my doctor sent me for an MRI and I later found out one of my ankles had been broken all along. I tell you this, because after walking around on a broken ankle for four months — 2 miles to and from work every day — you would have tried any topical rub to make it feel even a little bit better that you could get your hands on.

On Thanksgiving of that year, I showed off my bottle of Apothecanna Extra Strength Body Creme to my parents as a part of my daily routine of products I use to relieve the pain of walking around on that ankle. I had bought it on a trip to Denver, Colorado, where I sampled more THC and CBD topicals that I had ever seen in one place. My favorite was this product because the only way I can describe the effect is that it felt like my physical pain was somehow melting away. I mistakenly thought it was actually full of THC — how could something without it be so effective?! — so I had peeled the entire label off of the bottle in order to fly home with it. Well, I've gone through so many bottles of it since then and was delighted to learn that I didn't have to peel that label off at all; you can buy it and the rest of their product line quite legally via their website.

But back to Thanksgiving: Here was my mother, probably very skeptical of the white bottle without a label that I was putting on her feet that she thought might "make her high" (and let's be clear here: it doesn't). But after about 10 seconds of the CBD cream being on her, she felt extreme relief and truly couldn't believe it. Next it was my father's neck: Nothing had relieved his pain in that place until I bought him a bottle of this. He called me a few days later and left me a voicemail that I would describe as "rejoiceful."

So what's the moral of this long story? If you have pain in any bones, joints, or muscles, I really recommend trying this for sweet, sweet relief. Oh, and if you want to wow your parents with a gift? Give them a topical CBD cream like this one." —Whitney Jefferson

Get it from Apothecanna for $20.

5. Charlotte's Web Sleep Aid Gummies

Tracey Eyers

"I am a mom of two, busy at work here at BuzzFeed, and am involved in one too many PTA activities at my kids' schools. Getting a restful night's sleep lately has been tough, as most of the time I'm thinking about what I need to do vs. sleeping. Someone recommended Charlotte's Web Sleep Aid Gummies and I've been using them for a week. I've slept like a baby without feeling drowsy when I wake up. Life-changing!" —Tracey Eyers

Get it from Charlotte's Web for $54.99.

6. Foria's CBD Lube

Lara Parker

"I have what I like to refer to as 'vagina problems,' which is my way of describing the intense pelvic and vulvar pain I deal with on a daily basis because of my vulvodynia, vaginismus, and endometriosis. For a long time, orgasming was an excruciating experience for me. Then, I discovered cannabis. Cannabis not only made orgasming easier for me, but it also made orgasming BETTER for me, as in the orgasms were more intense and my toes curled more, etc. Anyway, obviously most of the world can't get weed lube with THC in it (the stuff that gets you high), which is why I think Foria's "Awaken" is so great. It's CBD lube, but I also use it topically on my vulva alllll the time for any sort of discomfort or burning. It's become my go-to for all kinds of things, and although it's quite pricey at $48 a pop, it's worth every penny to me — and lasts a pretty long time as you only need a few drops at a time." —Lara Parker

Get it from Foria Wellness for $48.

7. Good Jane's Not This Month CBD Balm Stick

Lara Parker

"Although this CBD rub that is also a stick is intended for period pain, I use it all throughout the month. It's great because you don't have to get any of the CBD balm on your actual hands and you can slide it right onto your abdomen, lower back, or really anywhere that you have pain or discomfort. It smells great, feels great, and does help decrease my pain levels. Along with CBD, the stick also has rose, ginger, cramp bark, and chamomile. At almost $70, it isn't cheap, but I got a stick in July and am still using the same stick now, in late October." —Lara Parker

Get it from Good Jane for $69.99.

8. Surface's CBD-Infused Sunscreen

@surfaceproducts / Via

"Over the summer I gave Surface's CBD-infused sunscreen a whirl and was really impressed! I have very fair skin and pretty much burn from the moment my body is exposed to daylight, but I was perfectly protected with this sunscreen. It surprisingly smells just like a piña colada and doesn't leave you feeling oily. I shared it with my friends and even the ones with the most sensitive skin didn't get burnt!" —Heather Braga

Get it from Surface for $14.99.

9. Lord Jones CBD-infused Gum Drops

Marissa Muller

"Who doesn't love a treat that also has CBD in it? Sometimes it's nice to forgo the capsule route and enjoy one of Lord Jones' CBD gum drops — they're delicious and have the added benefit of high-quality CBD." —Lara Parker

"If I ever meet Amy Schumer, I already have a talking point: Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops. They saved me from first trimester nausea hell, and it wasn’t until after that I found out they also helped her ( get through her pregnancy. Not only do they give you an instant bliss, IMO, they taste really, really good — like better than any other gumdrop I’ve ever had." —Marissa Muller

Get them from Lord Jones for $45.

10. Sowden House's CBD Candle in a Jar

Sowden House / Via

"I have a fancy candle–buying problem and will willingly throw lots of money at something you literally burn/melt. I also (fortunately) am sent a bunch at work to try out out in hopes that I'll write about them (lucky me!). This hand-poured and sustainable CBD sandalwood candle was one of them, and I've been lighting it in my apartment for the past week or so. It's fragrant but not too fragrant, burns clean, definitely provides a ~soothing~ atmosphere, and is in a gorgeous container I'll want to hang onto to reuse." —Elizabeth Lilly

Get it from Sowden House for $38.

11. Sagely's Relief & Recovery Roll-On

Lara Parker

"I love Sagely's products, but one of my faves is this relieving roll-on. I have pretty severe TMJ and clench my jaw way too often because of chronic pain. I love to roll this all over my jaw, neck, and temples for relief from the pain due to the constant tension in my jaw. It feels good, gives me relief, and smells freaking amazing, too." —Lara Parker

Get it from Sagely Naturals for $29.99.

12. Good Jane's Nighty Night Capsules

Lara Parker

"Due to my chronic pain, I used to have a lottttt of trouble sleeping. I would wake up multiple times a night and then when my alarm would inevitably go off in the morning I would wake up in even more pain than I went to sleep with because of the lack of restful sleep. I can't use melatonin-infused products of any kind because melatonin gives me wild nightmares, so when I found Good Jane's CBD-infused "Nighty Night" I was thrilled to see that it actually didn't have any melatonin in it. The first night I took a capsule, I slept straight through until 5:30am, which was HUGE for me — prior to that I'd been used to waking up four to six times a night. If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep, I can't recommend these enough." —Lara Parker

Get them from Good Jane for $59.99.

13. L’eela Pain Remedy Rub

Pablo Valdivia

"I bought this rub for my mom who has chronic pain caused by two herniated discs and arthritis and it has helped her immensely. The discs cause her pain in her legs, so she puts this on every day after work and it helps reduce the pain level to something more tolerable. The arthritis causes inflammation in her hands, so she rubs this on before bed and doesn’t wake up with inflammation like she normally would." —Pablo Valdivia

Get it from Leela CBD Body Care for $45.

14. A moisturizing CBD hemp sheet mask

Anthropologie / Via

"I get a lot of sheet masks. Like, A LOT a lot. Because I have quite the store of them in my bathroom cabinet, it takes a lot for something to be truly memorable. But this line of Mantra CBD sheet masks has quickly become one of my go-tos, and specifically the collagen mask. It's big enough for my face (many aren't — I have a big face/head!), applies easier than others, is just sopping wet enough with an essence (made of amino peptides, CBD, and hyaluronic acid), and seems to work more moisturizing magic than others. I also have extremely sensitive skin with rosacea all over my face, which sometimes gets aggravated by other sheet masks. That's never happened with this one!" —Elizabeth Lilly

Get it from Anthropologie for $15.

15. Hugs CBD Bath Bomb

Hugs CBD / Via

"I've tried several CBD bath bombs, and while many are effective, Hugs was the first one that made me feel like my whole body was being...hugged?? (Side note: Wow is that why they call it that??) The scents are strong but not overpowering; they smell floral in a much more natural way than some other bath products I've used, aromatic but not perfume-y. It made me feel relaxed but not in a sleepy way. Like tension that I didn't even know I had been holding all day just evaporated. If I won the lottery I would buy enough of these to use every single day." —Jess Probus

Get it from Hugs CBD for $14.