Fox had previously vocally supported the actor but now won't comment on a report that Smollett’s character is being cut from upcoming scenes.

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As of its Feb. 28 episode, Grey's Anatomy will become the longest-running medical drama on television. Chandra Wilson told BuzzFeed News the episode will please fans of the show.

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The Hate U Give author told BuzzFeed News she wants On the Come Up to feature some prominent women rappers.

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Andromeda Dunker, the show's signature narrator since 2009, told BuzzFeed News she only became aware of the change while watching recorded episodes on her DVR.

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“How can you doubt that? Like, how do you not believe that? It’s the truth.”

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And Netflix teased Carly Rae Jepsen's new song in the announcement trailer! Can you believe?!

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“It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else.”

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Gurira has enjoyed success in other projects while on the hit series, including on Broadway and as part of the cast of Marvel's blockbuster Black Panther.

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“I think a lot of the country is still exactly where they were a couple of years ago because the choices are kind of exactly the same.”

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“Go easy on the spice," MacLachlan joked to BuzzFeed News.

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Thank you, next.

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The family sitcom was renewed for its 11th and final season, set to air in the 2019–2020 fall schedule.

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The Taken actor said he was once looking to act out of revenge after a friend told him she was assaulted.

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“I’ve always done this since day one,” Williams told BuzzFeed News’ Profile.

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Police said the Empire actor reported that two people yelled anti-gay and racist slurs as they beat him early Tuesday in what investigators are treating as a potential hate crime.

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The actor said two people yelled anti-gay and racist slurs, beat him, poured a chemical substance on him, and wrapped a rope around his neck. Police are searching for evidence.

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“His art is literally interconnected to the actual heinous acts that he is performing.”

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"Can't be living in the past man."

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The actor pleaded guilty to harassment charges in a Manhattan court on Wednesday after a fight about a parking spot.

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