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15 Times Celebrity Women Shared Their Real, Un-Retouched Bodies And Became Our Idols

This is the definition of beauty.

1. When Serena Williams didn't have her photos retouched in Harper's Bazaar:

2. When Sarah Hyland shared this hospital selfie:

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Sarah has opened up about her ongoing health issues – endometriosis and kidney dysplasia — which have caused her to have a total of 16 surgeries so far, including two kidney transplants. She has shared photos of her kidney scars and embraced her post-transplant body.

3. When Hilary Duff shared this photo of her backside:

4. When Rihanna showed up to the Kadooment Day Parade:

5. When Priyanka Chopra shared this photo of her armpits:

6. When Jameela Jamil shared this photo of her legs:

7. When Barbie Ferreira shared this full body photo of herself:

8. When Lizzo shared this topless photo of herself:

9. When Kourtney Kardashian shared this photo, specifically of her upper leg:

10. When Ashley Graham shared this photo of her lower body:

11. When Zendaya shared this edited photo of her body compared to the real one:

12. When Chrissy Teigen shared this photo of her inner thighs:

13. When Danielle Brooks shared this full-body swimsuit photo of herself:

14. When Jessica Simpson shared this photo of her pregnancy ankles:

15. And, lastly, when Brooklyn Decker shared this photo of a neck mole that her kid thinks is a nipple:

So, remember: There is nothing more beautiful than a woman's REAL body.


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