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    27 Products Reviewers Say Are Great Gifts For Moms

    Bought for moms, loved by moms.

    1. A charcuterie board that is what charcuterie board dreams are made of. Who is the host with the most? Your mom, clearly!

    reviewer image of board styled with cheeses and fruits

    2. And! Platters and Boards — a helpful guide with presentation tips and charcuterie board ideas so she can pack her new serving platter with yummy foods and treats that are both savory and sweet.

    3. Wine soaps that'll bring her two favorite things together: vino and relaxing. These wine-inspired bars feature notes from popular red and white wine varieties (think: berries, plums, and apples for a classic pinot noir). Just make sure you get her a bottle to go with it!

    wine soaps stacked up next to glass of wine and grapes

    4. A glass teapot and blooming tea set she'll want to use every day, it's just that darling. It comes with a glass infuser making it perfect for loose teas, and is microwave- and stove top-safe!

    5. Or! An assorted tea sampler box filled with teas so cute, she won't even want to drink them. This ready-to-gift box comes with 40 handcrafted pyramid tea infuser bags in a variety of flavors she'll love working their way through.

    6. A towel warmer because nothing says, "I love you" like a device that heats up her pajamas while she's showing in the dead of winter (or in the dead of summer with the AC blasting).

    The circular-shaped bin in grey with a lid and wood handle and a small screen on the front

    7. A glass tumbler for the mom whose coffee is always in tow.

    8. A wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic that is basically a portable party — it's compatible with any smartphone or tablet and can jam for 5 to 10 hours on a single charge.

    reviewer image of two mics (black and pink) standing next to each other

    9. A One Line A Day journal with space for her to jot down a few sentences every day for five years. Each date lets her record all five entries on the same page, so she can see the changes in her life each year!

    10. A pocket-sized wireless photo printer that'll take her smartphone and turn it into an instant camera. Her fridge will thank you, trust me.

    reviewer image of the printer next to a phone with a picture printed out

    11. A "Funky Veg Kit" — perfect for both full blown garden moms and those who have yet to keep a snake plant alive. This super fun kit comes with everything she needs to get her colorful garden growing.

    12. A DIY gin kit because mixologist mom is ready to take her artisanal cocktails to the next level with her own small-batch craft gin.

    person pouring alcohol into funnel into a bottle

    13. A heavenly candle in possibly the cutest packaging — which, hey, makes gift-giving easier than ever. No wrapping here.

    reviewer image showing candle and the gift-ready box it came in

    14. A bracelet and watch set to give to your oh-so fancy, accessorizing mom. Now she'll a) look extra stylish and b) think of you whenever she checks the time. Good job, you.

    model wearing watch with two matching bracelets

    15. The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook — a magical cookbook filled with Disney treat dupes. She might not have been able to go to her favorite place in the last year, but she can bring tasty, theme park treats straight to her kitchen.

    16. A cutesy mug for the even cuter mom who has a not-so-cute side when you mess with her baby dinos. Fair enough, mama. Fair enough.

    person holding a mug that says: don't mess with mamasaurus, you'll get your jurasskicked"

    17. A "Circle of Family and Friends" stoneware bowl with a beautiful, poetic inscription around the rim that reads, "This bowl shall have no owner, its journey never ends. It travels in a circle of our family and our friends." Mom's best dinner party pasta salad deserves its special place.

    big serving bowl

    18. A birdhouse that suctions to the window so you can provide her with endless hours of animal entertainment.

    19. A family cookbook that'll let her keep her best passed-down traditions in one place. This book comes with templates for over 80 recipes and places to add personalized photos.

    person writing recipe in book

    20. A bathtub tray with compartments for her bath time essentials (in order of importance): wine, books, iPads, phone, snacks, and soap. This year, give the gift of relaxation.

    reviewer image of tray in bathtub holding wine, soaps, and candle

    21. And don't forget to grab a set of bath bombs! This gift-ready set comes in wrapped packaging and includes six jumbo (!!!) bath bombs, because regular ol' ones will not do for your mom.

    22. A darling bee house she can hang in her ever-growing garden. You're still not sure how you didn't get mom's green thumb...

    mason bee house hung in tree

    23. A reversible, wearable blanket that's designed like a giant hoodie, but with a blanket in mind. Let mom curl up in this — just make sure you bring her a glass of vino, stat.

    two people wearing the hoodie blanket with sherpa lining on the outside, and the other person wearing it on the inside

    24. A slim-can cooler juuuust for her seltzers. She's always got a new brand to try, so give her something that'll keep each one nice and crisp for longer than five minutes.

    seltzers inside three different colored coolers

    25. A heated shiatsu neck massager to help mom get the knots out of her neck that juuuust might be caused from the lovely kid gifting her this. ;) You're the favorite kid now!

    26. An acacia wood tea organizer featuring an acrylic lid so mom can see all of her teas the second she reaches for them. If 25 half-empty boxes are taking over her cabinet, then it's time to get her this.

    organizer with tea

    27. A pair of ultra fluffy slippers for a gift you truly cannot go wrong with. There is no mom who would not want to envelop their feet in soft coziness!

    reviewer wearing the burgundy pair

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