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    Just 26 Random Products We Really Love

    Crossword puzzle books, watermelon juice moisturizer, versatile toddler toys, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    1. An Instax Mini Bluetooh phone photo printer that pairs to an app so you can apply Snapchat and Insta-level filters to IRL prints that won't disappear in 10 seconds — or even 10 years.

    2. The New York Times' Best of the Week crossword puzzle books to bust boredom and keep your brain engaged more than another Friends marathon would while you're staying at home.

    The Monday and Tuesday crossword books

    3. OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream, a super affordable leave-in treatment sure to leave you believing in ~curl~ power.

    4. A dang delightful sloth planner pad that, unlike your current to do list, won't make you feel super rushed. These tree-dwelling pals are here to remind you to take life at your own pace, bb.

    The pad, with five checklist boxes broken up by "To-do soon," "To-do (after a nap)", "Eventual appointments," "Errands," and "People to contact in due time"

    5. An animal piano play mat your baby can operate with their hands or feet for songs, lights, and educational tidbits about colors and numbers. It's even got different settings for different stages of your kiddo's development, so it will entertain for longer than most of the stuff in their toy box.

    6. Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Oil-Free Moisturizer, a vegan and cruelty-free formula that contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, so it can do double duty as a moisturizer and serum to help you get glowy.

    A bottle of the product shown with watermelons

    7. A freaking huge scrunchie that'll help keep your hair from becoming a tangled mess and allow your zero-effort pony to still make a dramatic entrance on a Zoom call.

    8. A super thick eye mask perfect for anyone who needs vampire-level darkness to snooze.

    The mask, which in addition to a classic sleep mask shape, has oval-shaped hollow cushions for each eye

    9. An 18-spice kit that's a chef starter pack in the practical, literal sense, not in the meme sense. That kind of starter pack would come with, like, fingers to kiss in satisfaction and a rat that controls you from under your hat.

    10. Spontuneous, a board game for all the song lyric aficionados out there who are looking for something to do other than go down deep Folklore lyric analysis rabbit holes. Mood, tbh.

    The game box, board, cards, timer, dice, and game pieces

    11. A genius smart core trainer that turns doing planks (ugh) into a game (yes, really). Just pop your phone in the middle, open the app, and move around on the 360-degree swiveling board to use your body as a controller in the games!

    12. Sun Bum SPF 30 Scalp and Hair Mist, a cruelty-free wonder spritz to save your scalp from sunburn (whether or not said scalp has hair on it).

    A hand spraying the product

    13. Ribbed bike shorts you may want to buy in every color and wear every single day for the rest of stay-at-home times. They may start to become one with your body (they already feel like they could be).

    14. The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor, a next-level monitor with everything from a built-in night light to two-way audio to temperature monitoring to help you and your kiddo get the best snooze possible, baby.

    The camera on its stand and the app shown on two phones, with sleep tracking stats and snoozing baby footage

    15. An adorable little book that asks you to respond to prompts about your wonderful mama — from favorite memories to inside jokes — to create a tome she'll treasure way more than a super-pricey gift.

    Hands holding the palm-sized "What I Love About Mom" book

    16. Supergoop! SPF 30 City Sunscreen Serum, a sunscreen, moisturizer, and antioxidant-filled serum all rolled into one. It's cruelty-free, paraben-free, odor-free, and seriously hassle-free, too. 🙌

    A model applying the product

    17. Classic Ugg slippers that are basically the ultimate around-the-house wardrobe staple, like the couch-appropriate equivalent of a little black dress.

    A reviewer wearing the slippers in tan

    18. Myro, a natural deodorant that's available in a subscription and impressively customizable. You can choose a pretty reusable case and receive regular refills (in one fave scent or mix them up)! The refill pods are even recyclable.

    19. A chic neoprene carryall available in sizes ranging from everyday cross-body to full-on weekend duffel. If you want to replace every bag you own with one of these, no judgment — especially since they're an It item on the BF Shopping team.

    20. Milk Makeup's Kush lip balm, a cannabis seed oil-based calming and hydrating treat for your lips. ~Weed~ surely rate it more than a 4/20. 😉

    Kayla holding a large lipstick shape and size tube of the product

    21. A fold-up tricycle that can be converted from one you push your kiddo in to one they steer themselves, so they won't outgrow it as quickly as they do their other toys...and clothes...and shoes...

    22. Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser, a super gentle (as in, it's even okay if you accidentally get some in your eyes) and pH-balanced cleanser sure to become your new fave part of your routine.

    23. Mid-thigh length shapewear shorts that are surprisingly easy and breezy — they're comfortable and light enough for the summer and are even machine-washable!

    A model wearing the high-waisted shorts in black

    24. Floofy peach earrings for a quirky and ~pit~ch perfect finishing touch to your look.

    25. Ilia Multi-Stick, a cruelty-, sulfate-, and paraben-free roll-on formula you can rock on your cheeks *and* your lips. Because why use two products when you can just use one?

    A model applying a reddish orange shade to their cheeks

    26. An absolutely amazing punny tee for anyone (like me) whose two favorite things are pasta and fashion. Talk about adding a ~saucy~ touch to your wardrobe.

    The short-sleeved white tee with a design that looks like the Gucci logo but says "Gnocchi" all around it instead

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